Heidelberg Equipment Relocation Services.

Heidelberg’s Equipment Relocation Services offer professional planning, coordination, and support for equipment relocations internally or to a new facility. To ensure each job runs smoothly, Heidelberg begins every project by learning about the goals of the customer and then develops an approach to best achieve those goals. As the project is implemented, Heidelberg carefully coordinates each step to ensure milestone moments in the relocation are met on schedule, and we are ready to adapt to any last minute challenges. Heidelberg Equipment Relocation Services follow your equipment all the way through its transportation and reassembly in the new location. Only when the equipment is professionally reinstalled and successfully commissioned to prior running condition, will you receive one invoice from Heidelberg. If the project requires additional repairs, Heidelberg is also able to provide extended warranties on all qualified mechanical and electrical parts installed by Heidelberg SystemService technicians and their partners. When relocating complex and expensive assets of your company, you can trust Heidelberg to be your attentive and trusted partner.

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Heidelberg really fine-tuned the whole move - from where our machines should be set up to which machines would be taken down first. The most impressive part of the whole thing was we were never fully down in our production cycle...Heidelberg made the relocation process completely stress-free.
Stilly McFadden, Toof American Digital Printing

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