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Understanding True Productivity: The Key to Lower Cost and Higher Profits


In today’s ultra-competitive environment, most printers are looking to boost profits by minimizing spending on capital equipment and press supplies. What many don’t realize, though, is that their profit is actually directly linked to the cost it takes to produce each finished sheet.

An independent study by Smithers Pira found that despite advertising similar specifications, not all presses produce the same net output year after year. In fact, manufacturers that offer lower equipment prices often do not deliver enough net output to justify their lower price — meaning their cost per sheet is actually higher than a more productive but expensive machine.

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For the full detailed reports from Printing Industries of America and Smithers Pira, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, which explain:
  • Why Heidelberg presses are the most productive in the industry and produce the lowest cost per sheet
  • Why you don’t need to accept the industry’s average profit of 2% as normal
  • Why equipment productivity is three times more important than price
  • Why a 1% decrease in costs equals a 34% increase in profit

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