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Omnifire 4D Printing

Consumers expect personalized, unique products.
Manufacturers count on efficiency and flexibility in the industrial decoration process.
4D printing with Omnifire combines advanced Inkjet technology with high-precision robotics. The modular system of the Omnifire model range ensures a high level of flexibility for different objects, surfaces and applications – customized to your needs and requirements.

Go into lean production with Omnifire. Small runs, individual end-products, and exceptional concepts can be effectively put in place.

Develop new business areas

  • New opportunities through personalization: Add value to your objects, give them a higher attractiveness. Switch from mass products to individual must-have’s.
  • New design options: Increase the value of your objects by decorating them. Let your imagination run wild.
  • New business models: Extend your offerings. Provide your customers personalized objects for events, fairs, sports meetings, etc.

Streamline your processes

  • Production of small runs: Inkjet instead of conventional printing. Replace inflexible techniques with a fast and effective solution.
  • Optimized logistics: Save on supply chain costs. “Print on demand” integrated in your production chain.
  • Reduced complexity: No matter if during production, in warehousing or in logistics. Mark your objects where it’s required.

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