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Inline-Flexo Printing

Inline printing, varnishing and die-cutting.

The requirements made of folding carton printers are increasing all the time. This is because the growing demand for unusual packagings and just-in-time deliveries calls for an appropriate technical solution that will not only enable you to rise to these challenges, but indeed to surpass your customers’ expectations.
The unique web-fed flexo printing presses from Heidelberg offer you much more than this.
Whether from roll to roll or from the roll to the finished blank, our customized flexo printing presses print, embellish, and die-cut in just one pass. Directly integrating embellishment and die-cutting into the ongoing production process not only saves you materials and time, but also unnecessary storage space and additional production.



FCL Brochure – Automated Flatbed Die-Cutter.
  ICS Brochure – Ultimate printing and value-adding.
  Intro Brochure – Peak performance webfed solution.


Questions About Inline Flexo Printing?

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