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Interact with Customers 24/7 & Automate Layouts for Both Packaging & Commercial Work with Heidelberg’s Smart Software. Learn How at Our Free Webinars!

Boost your efficiency and productivity with Heidelberg Prinect Workflow. Through our new free webinar series, discover some of Prinect’s simple tools designed to help you automate processes, reduce touchpoints, and boost your profits.

Engage with Your Customers 24/7 with the Prinect Prepress Portal

Learn how to reduce touchpoints and simplify communication with your customer with the Prinect Prepress Portal! Customers can easily approve, reject, and correct soft proofs conveniently online from their own devices! Proofs available with both flip book and page views.
Tuesday, Nov 17th  •  1:00PM EST


Driving Productivity and Quality Control with Your Press with Prinect Analyze Point

Identify areas of improvement in your print shop with Prinect Analyze Point. Learn how to evaluate data from connected presses and color measurement systems in informative, easy-to-read reports and diagrams.
Wednesday, Nov. 18  •  1:00PM EST


Save Money & Expand Your Color Gamut with Prinect Multicolor

Easily replace a print job with a large number of spot colors with a Multicolor print job using the Prinect Multicolor Toolset. Learn how to expand your CMYK color space for more accurate color transformations for fewer makereadies and reduced machine idle time.
Thursday, Nov. 19  •  1:00PM EST

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