“Outside of the increases in efficiency and speed, the Versafire also offered both a very competitive acquisition cost and click fees. More uptime means more productivity – all of which equates to a healthier bottom line for us.”

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Ryan Brueckner
Co-Founder and CEO
[Direct Edge]

“Heidelberg is really the only company that’s developed all of their products with user-friendliness and automation in mind. From press, to postpress, to prepress – everything from estimating to job tickets – it’s just a complete system.”
Click to Read…

Jeff James, President
[James Litho]

“The XL 106 has proven that it’s the best machine we’ve ever seen. We’ll definitely be looking to Heidelberg again in the future.”
Click to Read…

Joe Fenkel, CEO
[McLean Packaging]

“We have really shortened our production time with the Easymatrix, and sheets are feeding more smoothly. Jobs that used to give me nightmares in the middle of the night are completed seamlessly, and we have seen a tremendous increase in the capacity of our finishing area.”
Click to Read…

Jim D’Alessandro
Vice President of Manufacturing
[Digital Color Concepts]

“If we were going to take our growth as a company seriously, we needed to invest in a technology that would reliably exceed the expectations our customers have for us. It only made sense for us to invest in Heidelberg, the market leader, if we wanted to be the market leader.”
Click to Read…

Irfan Rajabali
Director of Business Development
[E.B. Box]

“The Subscription program is the perfect fit for us; we can easily budget monthly based on our known production numbers. Plus, we get the latest and greatest technology with minimal upfront costs.We’re so impressed by what Subscription has done for us in such a short period of time.”
Click to Read…

Tom Chwieroth, Plant Manager
[Old York Road Printing]

“If I go to Heidelberg’s competitors, they only make printing presses or they only make finishing equipment. Heidelberg has everything, and the ability for Prinect to set-up and control everything – from the cutting scheme on my POLAR cutter to how a job should flow through my shop – is really where Heidelberg outshines its competitors.”
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Andrew Tosh, Owner

“We pick Heidelberg because they make great equipment that requires very little maintenance. Running Heidelberg equipment just makes my job less stressful as an operator.”
Click to Read…

Rob French, Bindery Manager
[Allied Graphics]

“From the installation to training to input from Heidelberg’s prepress, pressroom, and consumables experts, Heidelberg has been a true partner throughout this whole transformation process – and most especially, during these most difficult of times.”
Click to Read…

Jerry Malfara
Director Technical Services & Innovation

“The most beneficial aspect of Prinect Business Manager is the integration of the whole company. The estimate takes the most time, but we were able to cut that time tremendously with Prinect Business Manager.”
Click to Read…

Greg Moquin, President
[Moquin Press]

“The XL 106 gives us the ability to turn around jobs last minute, which is crucial in today’s market. We aren’t concerned about the outcome of our products like we used to be. We know that the quality of our work will exceed our customers’ standards, and we’ll get it to them on-time.”
Click to Read…

Tony Zara, President
[Accent Impression]

“We strive to give our customers the best service, and we look for that in a vendor. Heidelberg definitely does that for us.”
Click to Read…

Wyatt Hogue, President
[Adams Litho]

“Since our customers are looking for brand differentiation, it’s very important to us to be able to do these special effects and unique packaging, which is exactly what the RCS 330 has helped us achieve. It’s key to being successful in the market.”
Click to Read…

Vali Braselton
Brand Marketing Manager
[Berry Global]

“The new Versafire EP will help us cut costs and shorten turnaround times, without sacrificing quality. The old adage that you never get all three has ceased to apply.”
Click to Read…

Jeff Main, President
[AMP Printing]

“With my first digital press, I just received what I had purchased — a digital press. With the Labelfire, I’m now working with a whole ecosystem of software, hardware, and consumables from Heidelberg-Gallus that all work really well together. Heidelberg-Gallus offers a complete platform, not just a press, which is the solution that will help Hub Labels succeed.”
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Thomas Dahbura, President
[HUB Labels]

“Heidelberg really fine-tuned the whole move by being involved in every aspect of it—from where our machines should be set up to which machines would be taken down first. We were most worried about moving the equipment when it came to this relocation, but Heidelberg made it completely stress-free.”
Click to Read…

Stilly McFadden, President
[Toof American Digital Printing]

“We know that we will get the response, cooperation and ultimately the results when we are engaged in the partnership approach that Heidelberg offers,” he says. “Everyone benefits.”
Click to Read…

Sébastien Chartrand
Co-Owner and General Manager
[Imprimerie L’Empreinte]

“Down the road, I would like to have more than one Omnifire 250. Right now, we have a huge advantage being the first one with these capabilities in the US, so I see us being the place to go for personalization. We’re excited to get started with these new capabilities and bring them into the market.”
Click to Read…

Howard Givens, CEO and Founder
[Paratus Promotional Products, LLC]

“In order to have great quality and efficiency, it’s important to have the best coating possible. We consider Heidelberg as a leader in coating. Beyond coating, we can always depend upon Heidelberg whether its workflow, equipment, or service. We know we will always get the best.”
Click to Read…

Bob Murphy, Chairman

“We’ve been a Heidelberg shop for 96 years. You always know what you are going to get when you buy a Heidelberg. It wasn’t in my interest to go for anything other than a Heidelberg machine.”
Click to Read…

Pete Rengel, Owner
[Rengel Printing]

“We initially turned to Heidelberg because as a long-time customer, we’re comfortable with the products and the service the company provides. But after taking time to research the other available options, Heidelberg was the best fit for us.”
“We expect significant gains to our productivity across the board. For the prepress workflow, we believe it will be as much as 100% more productive than our existing system. With the interconnected JDF workflow and smoother estimating system of Prinect Business Manager, we’re being conservative in saying it will be 30% more productive than our former MIS.”
“We believe that investing in new technology will help to lower our costs business wide. As the backbone of our expansion plan, a highly automated system like Prinect will help us achieve our sales goals without increasing the number of personnel we need to hire. We expect to be able to produce more work for more customers with the same amount of people we have now.”
Click to Read…

Bill Blair, Sr. VP & General Manager

“We’re anticipating significant improvements all around. We estimate an 80% increase in capacity, a 90% reduction in changeover time as well as substantial decreases in downtime and makereadies, ultimately reducing overall costs.”
Click to Read…

Fred Braswell, Sr. Director of Operations
[Columbus Productions]

“Before, we were lucky if we could get 30,000 copies out of our machines before a serious service call was needed. The Versafire CP just plows through work on a daily basis. We needed something faster and more reliable — this machine is performing up to standard.”“Our old machines could only print up to 12 pt. stock; we’re now able to go up to 18 pt. and also print larger sheet sizes (up to 13 x 27½ inch) along with textured stock. We give our customers more options with faster turnarounds and bring more work in-house.”
Click to Read…

Chip Anderson, Owner
[Powder Horn Press]

“This press will double our productivity, and cut our turnaround times in half. The added capacity will help us bring in more business from current and future customers.”
Click to Read…

Paul Letto, Vice President
[Paulson Press]

“With this [Speedmaster XL-106-L-P-L] press, we’ll be able to add 60% more capacity to our plant. For our business to grow, we knew it was time to invest. This machine not only allows us to improve throughput, and get our product to the bindery faster, but will also reduce makeready times and waste — all while remaining competitive with our pricing.”
“We initially landed on a used press that fit our requirements at a cheaper price. However, after analyzing the capabilities of this machine, our customers’ demands, and the tax benefits of the investment, we realized that the cost of the new press would be more than offset by the benefits we will gain from this technology.”
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Darrell Moore, President
[Modern Litho]

“We have a niche market of around 2,000 sheets. Our turnaround times have improved from 3 days to just 24 hours.”

“We are very excited to be able to print with white [and clear] toner [on the Versafire CV], which we have been using in many areas. Not only that, but we can print heavier stock (up to 16-pt.) and run longer sheet sizes (up to 27.5”), which has helped us gain new customers and bring in more work from our current customers. We no longer have to send these jobs out to other printers; we can print them in-house — making our customers very happy.”
Click to Read…

Ron Naas, President
[Frisco Printing and Graphics]

“We were looking to add to our existing range of 40-inch offset presses, and we felt that the XL 106 provided the best value in the market.” In just over 3 months of production, the press counter is already showing 19 million impressions, and the company intends to further increase throughput by running shifts 24/7.
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Jim Hammer, President and CEO
[Hammer Packaging]

“The Americas Tour was an experience of a lifetime. The Print Media Center is a glimpse of how your dream shop could be. Seeing the amount of technology available in all of Heidelberg’s presses and postpress equipment, as well as the automation created in its workflow, was an eye opening experience to what the future of print is shaping up to be. Heidelberg has made its systems to fit each individual shop, customizing everything to your particular production needs.”
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Ricardo Garcia, Vice President
[Hera Printing]

“We’ve been researching other inkjet printers for the last 4-5 years. The Primefire 106 is, hands down, the best quality we’ve seen at the end of the press.”
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Stacy Warneke, President and CEO
[Warneke Paper Box]

“We’ve already noticed valuable increases [from our workshop with Heidelberg Business Consultants] in efficiency in prepress and press, and improvements on what we’ve implemented so far — our stats continue to improve month by month.
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JohnHenry Ruggieri
Managing Partner
[Sundance Marketing Solutions]

The Multicolor Toolset has given us the opportunity to reduce the number of spot colors printed on press with 7-color process. The system also gives us the ability to make better color decisions with our customers up front. As a result, customers receive predictable color from proof to press, while we benefit from reduced makeready and fewer press changeovers.
Click to Read…

Amy Jungerberg, Prepress Manager

“We’ve gone from an hour and 30 minute makeready time to just 15 minutes. We have doubled our hourly output on both folders [Stahlfolder TH 82 & Stahlfolder KH 82] and have greatly improved our manufacturing times.”
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Hank Fox, President
[Fox Group]

[With the POLAR DC-M] we’re experiencing a higher quality cut and improved precision four times as fast. Our efficiency has accelerated as we’ve gone from cutting one corner at a time to cutting all four corners at once.”
Click to Read…

Ark Andoun, VP Operations
[Zoo Printing]

“The Linoprint CV accommodates a larger, thicker sheet, and the clear coating capability gives our printed pieces a good-looking surface finish.
Click to Read…

Gary Cayce, President and Owner
[Mount Royal Printing and Communications]

We’ll save up to one million sheets this year alone. That’s also one million sheets we won’t have to de-ink and recycle. The XL 75 Anicolor lowers the barrier to entry in terms of cost, while we get a leg up on the competition, because we can produce unique and unusual products affordably. Our clients love that, and that inspires us to be more creative with this marvelous tool.”
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Nick Detomaso, CEO

“POLAR has always been cutting edge. The reliability of the equipment is one of the reasons that we strongly believe in Heidelberg. They’re the industry-leading choice for printers. We know it’s the best and that’s why we keep buying from them after so many years.”
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Walt Griffiths, Production Manager
[Griffiths Service Inc.]

“We designed our first XL 106 for the more complex packaging jobs that we typically run, but it was creating a bit of a bottleneck when we wanted to run more standardized jobs. The strategy for the new press is to create an express lane for less complex folding cartons and quickly turn those orders around. This new XL 106 is like a digital press with plates. We’ve just been amazed by the new technology – Heidelberg really hit a home run with the enhanced productivity improvements they’ve made.”
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Jess Hernandez, President
[Vista Color]

It’s incredible how well your products work together. Everything ties together. Your Prinect software works well with your presses and so on. Heidelberg is superior in both quality of the machine and the print quality they produce.”
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Kevin Wix, Vice President
[Valley Printing]

“I can trust and rely on Heidelberg. I feel confident that the product will do what it’s supposed to do, that our machines will perform at a high quality and speed level, and that Heidelberg will take care of me.”
Click to Read…

Bob Stoke, General Manager
[Abbott Communications]

“Bringing Industry 4.0 level automation into our pressroom with Push to Stop has been a total game changer. The unprecedented level of integration of the machine with our workflow has made a tremendous impact to our productivity and has already driven our costs down. Accuracy, speed, and incredibly fast changeovers from job to job – compared to our older machine, the difference has been night and day.”
“Our press operators have taken cues from the way the new machine runs and changed the way they operate the older machines.”
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Greg Moquin, President and Owner
[Moquin Press]

“We can provide so much more with this machine, regardless of the substrate we are working with. It is a whole new offering for us.”
“The Versafire is part of the Prinect workflow, utilizing the DFE RIP from Heidelberg and colour management to our offset operation. [It] is really accurate and easy for our prepress to work with.”
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Jerry Theoret, President and CEO
[Battlefield Graphics]

“The Anicolor is ideal for our market because we can compete in both the digital and offset spaces. We print run lengths down to 100 sheets. By adding the 5-color offset press, we can choose which option (offset or digital) would best fit our customers’ needs. On a recent job, we reduced press time from 16 hours to just 3 by printing offset instead of digitally.”
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David Gagnon, President
[Allura Printing]

“We chose the Speedmaster XL 106 as, with this press, we can push further ahead with digitized print production. We also want to maximize the substrates and the range of jobs we can handle. The press copes easily with packaging printing jobs, such as folding cartons for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food, which amount to 20 percent of our sales. Furthermore, we can also complete commercial printing jobs, such as books, flyers, brochures and business stationery, as well as very short runs for our Printed Easy web-to-print shop, both of which make up 40 percent of our sales.”
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Jon Lancaster, Managing Director
[Falkland Press]

“The Promatrix is exceeding our expectations across the board, and we consistently run at near maximum speeds. We have significantly increased our productivity and capacity, and drastically improved our makeready times.”
Click to Read…

Barry Schwartz, President
[Premier Folding Carton]

“The [Speedmaster CD-102-X] machine has been in operation just over 4 months, and we are consistently seeing more increases as the operators get more comfortable with the technology. On average, the press is beating our production standards by 30%.”“Heidelberg has been a great partner for us for many years, and [that partnership has] helped us stay consistent with our products. Our customers know that when they walk in the door, we will provide the highest quality work based on the equipment that we have invested in. The decision to purchase the XL 105 in 2007 was tremendous for our business, and this is another decision that we’ve made together as a team to take our business even further.”
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Leron Blanks, President
[Blanks Printing and Imaging]

“We believe that Heidelberg is second to none. Our ongoing partnership is not taken lightly. By joining forces, we gain enormous service and support that is unparalleled in the industry. The availability and responsiveness that we receive allows us to rely heavily on Heidelberg to monitor and troubleshoot any existing or potential issues.”
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Kathy Atkins, President and CEO
[Riegel Communications Group]

“We ended long-standing relationships with certain vendors [some as many as 10 years] to partner with Heidelberg, and we haven’t looked back since. Every Heidelberg product and service is an extension of our commitment to our customers. We believe that our relationships with our customers are only as strong as our relationship with Heidelberg — the support we’ve gained is exceptional and never could have been achieved with another manufacturer.
Click to Read…

Glenn Grendzinski
Vice President of Operations
[eDOC Communications]

“This press exceeds our expectations on a daily basis. The XL 106 came on-site during last year’s peak production season, and it continues to carry the load during non-peak production months. Put it this way, the XL 106 produces the combined volume of 3 other presses each shift.
Click to Read…

Doug McWilliams
Vice President of Operations
[Herff Jones]

“With our old software, our makereadies were averaging an hour and 30 minutes. We have been able to decrease that time down to just 15 minutes and drastically increase our productivity with the Prinect workflow.
Click to Read…

Mike Hartman, Prepress Manager

“We’re producing around 10,000 signatures per hour—making us 40 hours more productive each week. The capabilities of the Stahlfolder TH 82 have reduced our makeready time to less than 15 minutes and improved our efficiency.”
Click to Read…

Sib Deliberato, Production Manager
[Capital Printing]

“It used to be a struggle getting our monthly publication work out, and the situation created a lot of overtime at the end of the month. We run an 8-hour shift with ease now, due to the higher runs speeds on the Stahlfolder BH 82. The new folder has really helped us cut down on our overtime hours.”
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Gabe Gonzales, General Manager
[Grunwald Printing]

“One of the key advantages of the Linoprint CP is the increase in speed and start-up time. We anticipate a 20% increase in uptime because we will be able to run jobs constantly without limitations.”
Click to Read…

Jeff Majewski, VP Administration
[TCG Legacy]

Heidelberg Performance Plus increased our capacity to do more with the exact same equipment and manpower. We used the added capacity to cover 26 percent more sales in 2014.
Click to Read…

Eric Webber, CEO
[Cohber Press, Inc]

“The [Speedmaster CD 102 with X-Package] enables us to do more in less time, thanks to greatly reduced makeready times. We also expect our growth to accelerate as a direct result of the new press. We now are able to pass on the price savings from which we benefit to our clients in the form of fewer makeready sheets, less time on press for each job, as well as faster press and quality checks.”
Click to Read…

John Henry Ruggeri
Managing Partner
[SunDance Marketing Solutions]

“Whenever we have a question, we call Heidelberg, and they are able to quickly help us through the issue; their team is tremendous. Our whole experience has been first-class. We will definitely consider them for future investments.”
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Cindy Mason, CEO

“There are many commercial printers out there that have aging equipment. In order for us to stay ahead of competitors, it’s crucial for us to invest in today’s technology, which is what led us to the Speedmaster CD 102. We expect that this press will give us at least 30% more capacity than our previous two presses combined.”
Click to Read…

Emile Vaughan, President and CEO
[Davis Direct]

“The Versafire EP is doing everything we need to do and more! It runs, doesn’t break down, and keeps our customers happy. Plus, it works seamlessly with the Easymatrix 106 CS and Diana Go 85, which is perfect as we continue to expand our capabilities in the short-run packaging market.”
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Nick Adolphson, Manager
[Riddle Press]

“We know that Heidelberg equipment is going to run at industry leading speeds from the moment it is put on the floor and is going to maintain its efficiency through the life of the equipment. It’s the best offset equipment out there.”
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Joe Olivo, President
[Olivio’s Perfect Press]

“It’s crucial for us to provide our customers with the best print job possible. Thanks to the Versafire EV, we have the quality of an offset press, but with the ability to do short-runs with very quick turnaround times.”
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John Beery, President
[Campbell Print Center]

“Heidelberg is actively driving digital topics like big data and the Internet of Things. This gives us many opportunities to enhance our performance and grow further – without having to make new investments.”
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Klaus Hockl, CEO
[Cardbox Packaging]

“In order to keep up with this huge demand, we needed to put a plan together to partner with this growth. The new Speedmaster was a critical part of this plan because it will give us additional capacity to allow us to take in more jobs. It’s a very exciting time for our company.”
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Jim Fetherston, President and CEO

“When we did the math, it made sense to bring diecutting in-house. We are now able to have our employees control the quality and timing of our diecutting work on the Easymatrix, which will allow us to offer our customers more products at lower costs. We’re very excited to see where we will be in the next couple of years due to these new pieces of equipment from Heidelberg.”
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Ted Norman, Director of Manufacturing

“The best part of Heidelberg Assistant is being able to access all of this information to see how we are performing as a print shop.”
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Dave Dunn, Print Shop Manager
[Hobby Lobby]

“We think that the XL 106 offers the best piece of equipment from a technology perspective that we have seen in a very long time.”
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Adam LeFebvre, President
[Specialty Print Communications]

“It’s impossible to even compare the technology on the Heidelberg VLFs to other technology. The impact it has made on the productivity and efficiency of our plant is second to none. We’re really able to stand out to our customers thanks to it.”
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Tim Clark, Vice President
[Motivating Graphics]

“From prepress to press to postpress to the consumables in between, everything just runs seamlessly. When we do have a problem, we call service and they are always there, which is a huge factor in why we buy from Heidelberg. Heidelberg and their people are reliable and consistent, which is important when you’re a part of a fast-paced and thorough industry.”
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John Cooper, President

“As a small family-owned business, we have many people that wear different hats throughout the day. Prinect Production Manager allows all employees to use the workflow from multiple stations improving our productivity and efficiency.”
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Dave Krause, Production Manager
[Qwestcom Graphics]

“With the Saphira Inks, our machine is running great and the colors are better, sharper, and we get a much bigger color gamut.”
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Dale Drake Jr.
Vice President of Operations
[Continental Colorcraft]

“The biggest takeaway we had was that we now understood the Heidelberg commitment to us is not only on a new piece of equipment, but that they are a partner that will be there for service and support, even if it doesn’t always deal with Heidelberg equipment. Heidelberg is trusted and reliable, and no matter what need, we know that they will take care of us.”
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Jim Tomblinson
Vice President of Operations
[Modern Litho]

“We’ve trusted Heidelberg as a partner for years to develop groundbreaking technology that can help their customers turn a profit. We have no doubt that the Primefire will do just that. We’re thrilled that we will be the first in the US to put this state-of-the-art technology to work.”
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Stacy Warneke, President and CEO
[Warneke Paper Box]