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Anicolor Technology Available for Speedmaster SX 52 & XL 75

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Anicolor technology, the revolutionary offset solution designed for digital market run lengths, is available on both the Speedmaster SX 52 and XL 75.

  • Up to 90 percent less waste
  • Up to 50 percent shorter makeready times
  • Up to 50 percent higher productivity
  • Straightforward operation thanks to zoneless inking unit
  • Perfect for standardized print jobs
  • Consistent high print quality
  • Complete integration into the Prinect Workflow

The Revolutionary Inking Unit for Short Runs

The Anicolor inking unit is a short zoneless inking unit with dampening system. An extremely easy operation without tedious ink adjustments allows very quick and even inking. As a consequence, waste is reduced by up to 90 percent compared with machines with conventional inking units. An engraved screen roller located between the ink chamber blade and the ink form roller ensures an extremely stable inking and thus a quality that is reproducible whenever needed. The Anicolor inking unit technology is therefore the ideal solution for standardized printing. Anicolor lowers the costs for short runs considerably and ensures top offset quality at competitive prices.

Paper has the largest share at the CO2-footprint of the print product. From this point of view the Speedmaster XL 75 is also highly ecological in operation – Anicolor saves up to 90% waste, so production is possible in the most environmentally friendly way.