Kennesaw, Ga.  ASL Print FX, with three North American locations, has earned an impressive 83 technical awards over the last ten years – primarily for the high-end labels it produces for the wine & spirits market. To continuously earn such high honors requires the right “cocktail” of ingredients, which for ASL includes both its highly skilled operators and three Gallus presses installed at its Vaughan, Ontario location. Based on this previous success, ASL recently added a ten-color Gallus RCS 330 from Heidelberg to fuel growth and add versatility at its Napa, California plant.

“The Best of the Best”

Producing labels for the luxury market, which also includes health and beauty, ASL prides itself on “bringing its customers’ brand visions to life on the shelf.” Even prior to production, the team at ASL spends time with its customers prototyping labels to ensure what they are designing will be reflected in the final product. Thanks to the inline capabilities of the company’s ten-color and twelve-color Gallus RCS 330s and ten-color Gallus ECS 340 in Vaughn, the designers have been able to let their creativity shine. All three machines combine multiple printing methods including flexographic, screen, cold and hot foil – all inline.

“Gallus makes the best machines for the high-end clientele we serve,” said Stacy Daly, Vice President of Operations and Co-Owner of ASL Print FX. “Not only the embellishments they can produce inline, but they really have best-in-class registration. You can’t beat the quality.”

The creativity of the designers and the quality and embellishments of ASL Print FX’s labels have both played a major role in the company’s technical awards throughout the last decade. ASL is most proud of the “Best of Show” and “Best of the Best” awards it has received multiple times from TLMI in both North America and worldwide; the awards are only presented to one winner overall – beating out thousands of entries.

More Versatility for a Growing Market

Based on the great success ASL had with its Gallus machines in Canada, the time was right to install a new Gallus RCS 330 in its Napa location to continue to fuel growth in that market. “If there’s a demand, we’re not afraid to invest,” said Daly. Redefining the future of label printing, the RCS supports multiple inline printing processes including offset, flexographic, screen, and hot foil stamping – all of which can be readily integrated for ultimate flexibility. While ASL was able to do these prior to installing the RCS, production is much more efficient as all of the processes are now done inline.

“The RCS gives us much more versatility,” said Daly. “Since we can do everything inline, the increased efficiency helps our pricing and makes us much more competitive.”

Thanks to its high degree of automation, the RCS 330 achieves offset printing quality results, holding extremely tight registration, while maintaining the best possible performance efficiency. “Our primary goal is to be able to offer our customers great quality at a good price,” said Daly, “and the Gallus machines are helping us achieve that.”

About ASL Print FX

Started in 1965 under its original name All Stick Label Ltd., ASL Print FX was built on the business of pressure sensitive labels, promotional and package printing. The company is focused on helping brand owners solve problems through innovation – connecting consumers with brands and turning shoppers into buyers. In an industry once defined by limitations, ASL Print FX is using its technical capability to create new possibilities; this proprietary knowledge-base is called HDFX. Visit to discover the solutions ASL Print FX has created for its many customers around the world.

Image includes: ASL Print FX Press Operator with Gallus RCS 330 at its Napa location

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Erin Judge
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