The print industry falls under the radar for most young people. It doesn’t carry the same name brand recognition as Starbucks or Target despite it being, quite literally, everywhere. While we are stepping into the digital world, it is a mistake to believe print’s place in our life is going anywhere, anytime soon.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear print? Probably a widely outdated image of the prehistoric process of printing. Unfortunately, printing doesn’t get the same attention as it once did, but printing has also joined the digital world. Innovation has played a huge role in the success of print and the industry continues to progress. Despite all of this, one of its biggest challenge is recruiting its next generation to pass the torch to. So, the question becomes ‘How do we draw the them back to print?’

My own experience at Heidelberg has given me a new perspective. Like most people, print was something I used without a second thought of where it came from. I grew up in the transition period into the digital world. There has been a lot of discourse that says print will be left behind in our new world, but that has turned out to be far from the truth. There are many studies to show people prefer physical over their electronic counterpart.

One example that stands out to me is books. I grew up with an infatuation for reading, so when eBooks came out, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, it was a totally different experience from the paperbacks I was used to reading. This sentiment was a shared experience for many users. There is something special to people about having a physical contact with an item.

The print industry covers a broad range of skill sets; from hands-on work with the machines that design, print, and finish the many applications to working on creating the digital software that accelerates, tracks, and provides companies with crucial information. There is truly something here for every skill set! Innovation remains at the heart of the industry and continues to move it forward.

“Print is an essential industry and the pandemic proved that.
Don’t count out print!”

On my first week of my internship at Heidelberg, I was challenged by my boss to go through the day counting all the times I encountered print. I challenge you to do the same.






Rachel Yost
Marketing Intern
Heidelberg USA