In my previous blog on proofing, I mentioned that an Ink Consumption Report could be generated after only making a proof. In this blog, I will be going more into the mechanics of this process.

Heidelberg, more than any other vendor, has worked to bring together all the different steps of the printing production process. As a result, this has created a lot of great synergies, one being Prinect Pressroom Manager, our press presetting software and Prinect Prepress Manager, our prepress workflow which work together to allow us to generate estimated Ink Consumption Reports.

While it is possible to view the report after plating has been finished, programmers at Heidelberg know that this information is needed before the job goes on the press for the data to be the most useful. They had the clever idea to partially generate the press presetting when an imposed proof is ripped. This could be to a plotter or just a soft proof for viewing on screen. It can be configured in Administration – Templates – Sequence Templates – Imposition Proof.

Heidelberg has broken down the tasks of producing work in Production Manager into various steps called Sequence Templates.

We are looking at the step where we can control how imposed proofs are made and to what output device or file type.

From an everyday use standpoint there is nothing different for the prepress operator to do but make an Imposition Proof. All that needs to be checked in your Imposition Proof Sequence Template is Sheet Preview Generation and Ink Consumption Calculation. No other configuration is required. Sheet Preview will make us a thumbnail of the imposed sheets to preview and Ink Consumption will generate the ink consumption data for our report.

In Cockpit, the operator makes their imposed proofs like they usually do (Cockpit is the main piece of software we use to interact with the Production Manager server).

It doesn’t matter if it is a packaging job or a commercial print job either.

They then go to Print on the taskbar, select the layout, and choose the Properties button. Select the Ink Consumption tab. Enter your quantities in the Quantities column for each form, then press the update button.

 Click Image To EnlargeYou now have an Ink Consumption report in metric grams. The first column in blue is the total estimated ink consumption for each color for the whole job. The second and third column show the breakdown for each sheet. This report can be printed or downloaded as a PDF, HTML or RTF file. It can also be run again and again using different sheet quantities.

After plates are made the report includes ink key setting for the press. This example is an XL106 press.

Prinect Production Manager is full of these thoughtful touches. Like a swiss army knife for your production.

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