In previous blogs, we have tackled some more advanced subjects within Prinect. In this blog, I would like to provide a tip made for everyday use of the Prinect workflow: we are going explore “New Job From Template” and discuss how it differs from creating a new “Job.”
Most Prinect users know the steps of creating a completely new job within Production Manager, but what if the job you are about to start has similarities to a previous job? For example: jobs that use the same imposition layout like the same magazine every month or jobs that use the same cutting die if you are producing a packaging job. Commercial, packaging, or even digital print jobs can be created with Prinect’s “Job Template” feature.

“Job from Template” allows the operator to use an existing job as a template to create a new one.

To start, navigate to the old job, highlight it, right click, and select “New Job from Template.”

The menu looks slightly different than the regular “New Job” menu. It is missing the usual “Processing” step as it is assumed you want to process the pdf file with the same preflight and trapping from the job being used as a template.

A new “Job Number” and “Job Name” can be assigned and “Documents” can added. Also, the “Job Group” can be changed – like when we create a new job.

You may notice that there are now more check boxes above “Start Job” and “Maximize Job.” These allow you to choose what data you would like to take from the job you are using as a template.


A typical setting is illustrated below for a job with new artwork.

Because we do not want an exact repeat of the old PDF, we will leave “Documents” unchecked. Additionally, we do not want to use the production PDFs of the old job, so we will leave “Pages and Page Assignments” unchecked.
Essentially, because we have new artwork, we want to override just the artwork of the previous file but keep all other settings the same. “Page List” and “Layouts” will carry over how the original file was imposed, “Sequences” will carry over the workflow, and “Job Notes” will be brought over also. This will essentially create a new job with the same layout and workflow as the time before, and it is now ready for new pdf artwork.

A typical setting is illustrated below for an exact repeat job.
In the example below, we are doing a dead repeat, but a new “Job Number” and Job Name” need to be assigned. Everything should be checked, so the new job is exactly like the old one. Nothing further needs to be done. A proof can be created, if needed, and then you can plate it exactly like last time.


“Job from Template” not only works for Commercial and Packaging jobs but also for Digital jobs regardless of whether the DFE is standalone or integrated within the Production Manager workflow. If a repeat job was produced both digitally and offset, then all of your settings are in one convenient place in the Production Manager job. Ready for both outputs again!

“Job from Template” is a great way to reduce touchpoints on jobs that are repeats or have very close similarities. It’s also an excellent example of how Heidelberg Prinect Production Manager can make you more productive and is a wonderful unification of Commercial, Packaging and Digital Printing. Think of it like a Swiss army knife for your production!

If you have any questions or would like more information on “Job from Template” or Prinect Production Manager, contact your local Prinect Representative or fill out the form below.

Heidelberg digital. While the Versafire itself has proven to be successful for STG, the entire “Heidelberg experience” has exceeded the company’s expectations. In particular, Ioannides has been impressed with the “above and beyond” level of support that his company has received from Heidelberg after the sale. “We’re a small business, so I’m never going to be one of Heidelberg’s biggest customers; and yet, if I have a question or want to try a new application, I make one phone call, and someone is there to help us out.”

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