Today, we’re diving deeper into how you can connect Prinect to everything! In the first part, we looked at some of the basics of connecting Prinect workflow to shares or hotfolders of other systems. However, Heidelberg’s workflow can do much more than that!

For excellent color matched proofs, Prinect Color Proof Pro integrates into the workflow using the latest Adobe Renderer technology. Used to create individual paper profiles and to linearize proofers, it provides numerous advantages to the workflow system:

  1. The same RIP makes proof and plates, which guarantees repeatability.
  2. The workflow “talks” directly to the print engine of the proofer, so the operator is immediately made aware in the user interface when the proof is done and what other jobs a queued up to the proofer. If there are other jobs queued up, the operator has the ability to change the priority of that list of jobs.
  3. Profiling and proof maintenance can be very easily performed and maintained with an inline spectrophotometer. You can even use it to print proofer quality reports.
  4. All proofer settings are integrated into the workflow so they can be easily accessed and changed.
  5. Smaller proofs can be ganged together on a large proofer with a simple set of rules. 
  6. You can save paper and ink or use a double-sided proofer more easily by selecting just the press sheet size to be sent to the proofer rather than the entire plate size with all marks.
  7. Proofs can be generated with proof color turned on to show the boundaries of the sheet size and the trim size of each individual page.

Proofing Engine Manager is for output devices that use hotfolders or shares to get their input. Color management can still be applied through the press and proofer ICC profile. Proofs that are imposed can still be sent to the sheet or the plate. An output file is always created so naming rules can be used (see Part One).

This is a great option for digital devices because you can send just the sheet size of an imposition since they do not require a plate. Jobs can be easily output to many different devices with different imposition requirements. Proofing Engine Manager creates a rasterized version of your output using the same Renderer as plates or Color Proof Pro, which ensures output integrity. You can send TIFF, PDF, JPEG and Postscript format files, which covers almost all device outputs with many subsettings to satisfy most legacy and modern output devices. You can also do booklet proofs of impositions, which we will cover in the next blog.

An interesting side feature is that when any type of proof is generated, data is collected to make an Ink Consumption Calculation estimate! A full explanation in my next blog post as well.

Color Proof Pro and Proofing Engine Manager come standard with Prinect Production Manager. If you would like further information on these two features, please contact your Heidelberg Prinect Representative or fill out the form below.

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