Are you experiencing inefficiencies with your coating application? Whether you use a high-gloss UV coating, strike-through/soft-touch coating or aqueous coating, coatings are applied to create added value to your printed products. If used correctly with a properly specified and well maintained anilox screen roller, coating can bring the printed piece to life. If used incorrectly, it can ruin the job completely and leave money on each printed sheet.

The latest development in anilox technology is Heidelberg’s new Genetic Transfer Technology (GTT) Anilox Screen Roller. GTT Rollers use a patented wave technology that allows you to lay coating down smoother compared to traditional cell-depth technology, where the cells clog overtime.

GTT Roller and Coating Program

With GTT, coating is transferred accurately in a defined layer, providing your customers with stunning results. Heidelberg has designed GTT Roller and Coating programs for you to maximize the cost-effective benefits of this technology.

Using one roller both UV and aqueous coatings — saves you makeready time and costs. The GTT program covers one annual cleaning, and includes replacement of the roller surface every 3 years — taking the guesswork out of maintenance. Or, we offer a rental program. Both programs lower your cost of utilizing the proven GTT Technology

Our solution has been tested worldwide by our factory trained experts. Customers who have invested in the GTT program have reduced their coating consumption by an average of 10-20%, which can equate to tens of thousands of dollars in savings every year.

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    Kurt Wiggins
    Kurt Wiggins
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