Earlier this year, Heidelberg unveiled its latest innovation in achieving its vision for complete Push to Stop, end-to-end print production with the Stahlfolder P-Stacker. The newest product development from POLAR, the AirGo Jog, seeks to continue Heidelberg’s autonomous production journey – now on the cutting side.

Eliminating the strenuous and time-consuming duty of operators lifting heavy piles of paper onto the cutter, AirGo Jog completely automates the loading and jogging process. First, a Transomat loading unit takes an entire layer of paper from a pallet and transports it into an automatic jogger – with material loading of the bottom sheet of the pallet possible. While jogging, a new blower system blows air into the cutting layer to ensure seamless jogging; the jogged cutting layer is then immediately ready for cutting.

With a cycle time of around 60­-90 seconds for the autonomous processing of a complete ream of paper (60–40 reams per hour), the AirGo Jog significantly reduces the amount of time jobs spend in cutting – essentially eliminating the need for operator intervention. With the new AirGo Jog, companies can now fully implement a complete, automated cutting system, which not only lessens their downstream bottlenecks but also reduces their labor and in turn, overall costs.

The AirGo Jog will be available to order in Summer 2021, and current POLAR customers will be able to retrofit their current systems with the new innovation. If you’re interested in learning more about the AirGo Jog, simply fill out the form below and subscribe to Connect to stay tuned for more updates about this product.

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