After years of exclusively using other manufacturers’ equipment for both its offset and digital printing, DynaGraphics, the largest commercial printer in Northern Nevada, recently changed to Heidelberg technology by installing new Versafire EV and Versafire EP digital printing systems – both powered by Heidelberg’s Prinect Digital Front End (DFE).

High Quality Production, Competitive Pricing

Located in Reno, Nevada, family-owned DynaGraphics serves a variety of industries including gaming/casinos, healthcare, specialty manufacturing and real estate. While all of its clients have high quality standards, printing for the gaming industry can be particularly stressful as every job produced must be perfect. According to CEO Cindy Mason, “Their livelihood relies on us printing their materials correctly – especially in today’s harsh COVID-19 environment.” Printing at 4,800 x 2,400 dpi and with a new toner formula, the Versafire EP exceeds the challenging expectations of DynaGraphics’s customers while running at speeds of up to 135 letter pages per minute.

“We used other digital presses for almost 20 years because the quality they produced was unparalleled. But over time, the cost of production on those machines got to be too high, and we couldn’t be competitive printing with them. While I was initially attracted to the Versafires because of their incredible price, when I saw the quality of the prints coming off of them, I knew it was time to make a change,” said Mason.

Installed at the end of 2019, Mason says both Versafires are already “being put through the ringer” in production. The Versafire EP, which is capable of printing on up to 24 pt. board and various types of substrates, has opened up new applications for DynaGraphics that were not possible on their older presses. In particular, the EP is printing work on a variety of synthetics, including a recent variable data job of 13,000 sheets for a local college.

To process these types of robust jobs, DynaGraphics is using the Prinect DFE. Utilizing Heidelberg’s color management and renderers (both tried and tested in offset printing), the Prinect DFE enables print production to be automated and standardized for excellent efficiency, greater transparency, and faster job flow.

Also powered by the Prinect DFE, the 5-color Versafire EV offers DynaGraphics reliable production with perfecting on up to 27.5” substrates at speeds up to 95 letter pages per minute. In addition to CMYK standard jobs, the engine expands the gamut with 5-color rendering and can print embellishments with the fifth color options, which include white, clear varnish, neon yellow, neon pink, and new invisible red. Leveraging primarily the white and clear varnish capabilities on the Versafire EV, Mason says that having this option provides a good competitive advantage for DynaGraphics in the market.

Heidelberg – Synonymous with Quality

Unlike many Versafire users, DynaGraphics does not run Heidelberg offset presses; in fact, the only other Heidelberg products it uses are POLAR cutters. Despite this, Mason says the “Heidelberg” brand played heavily in the company’s decision to invest in the Versafires. According to Mason, “The Heidelberg name is synonymous with quality. I am confident in Heidelberg’s years of experience in commercial print – they know our business and know how to take care of us.”

After an initial problem with one of the Versafires, Heidelberg took swift action to replace the machine. “Problems happen; it’s a fact of life, but the measure of a good relationship isn’t necessarily when things are going well, it is when they aren’t. Heidelberg never faltered to resolve our issues and ensure our machines were printing to both our company’s and our clients’ high quality standards,” said Mason.

DynaGraphics has been impressed with Heidelberg’s level of support from purchasing to installation and training and ongoing support. “Whenever we have a question, we call Heidelberg, and they are able to quickly help us through the issue; their team is tremendous. Our whole experience has been first-class. We will definitely consider them for future investments,” said Mason.

About DynaGraphics

Located in Reno, Nevada, DynaGraphics is a family-owned company that specializes in digital and offset printing, mailing and marketing. Since 1971, DynaGraphics has invested in the most state-of-the-art equipment and useful tools in order to provide competitive pricing and quality printing services for their customers.

(Image features the Versafire EP and Versafire EV at DynaGraphics in Reno, Nevada)
Erin Judge
Erin Judge
Creative Services Manager
Heidelberg USA