It may sound cliché at this point, but these are unprecedented times, and it can be difficult to find another way to describe them. In times like these, however, we’re given the opportunity to evaluate the status quo and challenge ourselves and one another to grow, change and make progress even when times are incredibly challenging.

And this is where we got the idea for “Expert Talk.” We have an incredible state-of-the-art demonstration facility in Kennesaw – in fact, it’s the largest print demonstration center outside of Germany. Print Media Center Atlanta is home to the industry’s leading demonstrators – all experts in their relative fields – workflow, press, digital, postpress, packaging, commercial, and label segments. But, what is a demonstration facility when we have no customers to train, teach, and demonstrate to?

Starting the first week of May, we’re introducing “Expert Talk with Print Media Center Atlanta” – a new series of educational videos that will bring our demonstrators’ expertise directly to you. The purpose of these videos is to provide “best practices” or “new thinking” on various aspects of production. We will post a new video the first and third Monday of every month – covering many of the frequently asked questions we get from our customers across all of our various business areas.

These are unprecedented times, but let’s use them to help each other and change together. Be sure to subscribe to Heidelberg Connect to be the first to know when our videos are posted.

Stay healthy,

Errol Moebius
Director of PMC Atlanta