Looking to improve key areas of your business, including enhancing customer interaction, reducing touchpoints, driving productivity and uptime, reducing waste and inventory, optimizing consistency and repeatability, and gathering business intelligence? With all the challenges a print shop has, it’s virtually impossible to keep up without changing your business platform.

Here at Heidelberg, we strive for our customers to have a Smart Print Shop. The Smart Print Shop aims to improve your operational results with higher productivity and higher quality — ultimately leading to higher profitability for you.

Recorded in January 2020, our free on-demand webinar features Patrick Henry, Senior Editor of Printing and Packaging Group NAPCO Media, discussing the Smart Print Shop approach with two Heidelberg customers (Jonathan Wallace, President of Wallace Graphics and Kevin Heslin, President of Seaway Printing Company). During this webinar, Kevin and Jonathan discuss how migrating to the Smart Print Shop has helped them run more productively, efficiently, and earn more profits.

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