With the New Year comes the opportunity to focus on your personal resolutions such as losing weight and saving money. We are given a chance to take a step back and look at habits that may be holding us back from being successful in our goals and try to create new habits for a fuller life.

In 2020, we urge you to also take this same approach with your business! Whether you notice or not, we all have bad habits in our businesses that could be damaging or hold us back from being successful. We’ve compiled a few habits for you to review to make sure that your business is safe and ready for the year ahead!

Bad Habits to End

1. Stop believing “Nothing Bad Can Happen to You”
Hackers prey upon you having a false sense of security. As you start the new year, check every aspect of your business to make sure you are implementing best security practices. Not every victim is a “High Value Target” – some are just victims of opportunity.

2. Stop delaying Upgrades/Updates
No one wants to pause production to install a newer version of software; however, by keeping your production systems up-to-date, you are protecting your business against new security threats while also ensuring compatibility with new products and technologies. This helps to improve productivity through new features and fix bugs that will help you avoid reliability problems.

3. Stop doing “Good Enough”
You want to have a secure environment and to protect the privacy of your employees, customers, and your business. You also want to minimize waste and maximize profits, while also having the highest quality and the fastest performance. While these might seem like lofty goals, they are completely achievable if you are committed to doing the best you can to create a secure environment.

New Habits to Implement

1. Understand and monitor your production

Tracking your performance and quality data will help you accurately measure waste, operator productivity, equipment efficiency, and consumable usage, which will provide you with the intelligence needed to make the right decisions for your business.

2.    Review and manage your production equipment

While you might think that you can continue to use your products and technologies until they stop working, it’s better to switch out these products and technologies much sooner.

We’ve listed out when you should switch out your products and technologies below:

·         Infrastructure Products (Switches, Routers, Firewalls, etc.): every 5-7 years. Infrastructure products can go from working perfectly to not working at all in a blink of an eye and typically without any warning.

·         Servers: every 5 years.

·         Workstations/Laptops: every 3 years.

·         Cell phones and tablets: every 2 years.

·         Software: every 1-2 years.

A factor that may accelerate these guidelines is if you purchased a product that was nearing end-of-life 3-, 5- or 7-years ago, or you underconfigured what you purchased.

Often some of your technologies and products can be repurposed to applications that aren’t mission-critical to your production. They can also be recycled, traded in, donated, resold or may even be practical for some household use.

3.    Grow your business

You can grow your business by using existing products more efficiently or by introducing new products that perform faster and/or allow new capabilities. New hardware can make things run faster, new software can add new features, and training can improve expertise to help you get the most out of your products and technologies.

4.    Find another set of eyes!

As humans, we’re all prone to make mistakes or overlook something! That’s why it’s crucial to have someone else look over your business problems and purchasing decisions to make sure you are receiving the best and most cost-effective solution.

Creating these new habits will help ensure that your company is safe from any potential viruses or hackers while also giving your company new features that could help you be more productive and efficient.

Another goal to set this year is to prevent ransomware from affecting your business. Learn more here: https://news.heidelbergusa.com/prinect-preventing-ransomware-white-paper/

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Eugene O’Brien
Senior Technical Support Analyst