With the New Year coming up, we’re reflecting on our top posts and videos from Heidelberg Connect in 2019! Throughout the year, we’ve covered everything — service, postpress, prepress, digital, parts, and consumables. With each of these topics, we’ve posted customer testimonials, how-to’s, product descriptions, and business advice!

It may be hard to read and watch everything from this year before 2020 approaches, so we’ve compiled a recap of our “can’t miss” posts from this year!

1. PRINTING United: Heidelberg Makes a Successful Return to Major US Tradeshows

Thousands of attendees at PRINTING United visited Heidelberg North America’s booth to see the new offerings from the company. Missed us at the show? Find out what we showcased at the show here: https://news.heidelbergusa.com/2019/11/printing-united-success/

2. How does “Push to Stop” Work?

Autonomous printing represents the ultimate stage in automated print production. With “Push to Stop” technology, you’ll dramatically see an increase in your productivity. Learn how “Push to Stop” works in the video above!

3. Ultimate Paperbox Purchases Its First Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-8+L

Ultimate Paperbox expanded their market share with their Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 in 2019! Find out why they chose this press here: https://news.heidelbergusa.com/2019/05/ultimate-paperbox/

4. Arkay Packaging Purchases Heidelberg Primefire 106 for Luxury Packaging Market

Arkay Packaging of Roanoke, VA signed for a new Heidelberg Primefire 106 this year, which is the second installation site in the US. Click here to learn more on why they chose the Primefire: https://news.heidelbergusa.com/2019/10/arkay-packaging/

5. Blanket A vs. Blanket B. What’s the Difference?

Printing Blankets play a critical role in the quality of your printed job. That’s why we investigated the difference between different types of blankets! Find out how you can find the perfect blanket for your press here: https://news.heidelbergusa.com/2019/03/blanket-whats-the-difference/

6. Expanding into Packaging: Adams Litho

We visited Adams Litho to learn about how their Heidelberg equipment is helping the company move into the packaging market. Watch the video above to learn more!

7. Motivating Graphics Installs 3rd Heidelberg Speedmaster VLF Press to Expand into New Markets

With expectations of a 15% increase in business growth every year for the next five years, Motivating Graphics believes the Heidelberg VLF will be a major partner in the company’s growth plan. Read more about Motivating Graphics and their VLF here: https://news.heidelbergusa.com/2019/10/motivating-graphics/

8. Speedmaster XL 106: Print Media Center Atlanta

We are always getting new equipment here at Print Media Center Atlanta! Watch the video above to see our favorite timelapse from 2019 of our Speedmaster XL 106 being installed.

9. Hobby Lobby Increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness by Over 30% with Heidelberg’s Speedmaster XL 106 and Heidelberg Assistant

In order to satisfy its printing needs for future expansion, Hobby Lobby Printing has replaced an older press with a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 4-color press with UV capabilities. To ensure that the press is reaching peak productivity, Hobby Lobby is using Heidelberg’s Saphira Consumables and Heidelberg Assistant. Learn more here: https://news.heidelbergusa.com/2019/09/hobby-lobby/

10. AMP Printing Finds The Digital Press For Success

AMP Printing of Dublin, California expects to cut costs and shorten turnaround times while maintaining their industry-leading quality with their Versafire EP from Heidelberg. Watch the video above to find out how!

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