As printers, we play by the rules of an on-demand world. The faster we can put our products into the hands of our customers, the more they value the services we provide them – and the more work they’re willing to send our way.

This depends on getting their jobs into our production pipelines as rapidly as possible, with a minimum number of touches and no redundant processing steps. Capitol City Press made a significant advancement toward this kind of operational excellence when we rebuilt our internal workflow around Prinect Production Manager and Prinect Business Manager, software solutions from Heidelberg for peak efficiency in shops like ours.

We’re still fine-tuning but we can already see how much extra productivity we stand to gain. One of the first jobs we sent through Prinect Production Manager also happened to be one of our toughest. With the software’s full set of automated prepress and production planning tools, we cut processing time by 60% compared with the non-integrated applications we had been using.

Integration also is the key to Prinect Business Manager, a print-specific MIS augmented with features for tracking jobs and gathering and analyzing the data they generate. Prinect Business Manager is an all-encompassing system, and the advantages of using it couldn’t be clearer. Before, we used to do a lot of rekeying in moving jobs from stage to stage. With the help of Prinect Business Manager, we’ve eliminated those repetitive keystrokes and now focus entirely on getting the printing done.

One of the best things about Prinect Business Manager is the way it breaks administrative bottlenecks. For instance, our old MIS used to make us obtain individual RFQs for pre-awarded jobs that we weren’t required to bid on. Prinect Business Manager steers us around holdups like that. And, our sales staff love the convenience of the software’s Sales Portal and Business Portal components, which take the paperwork out of job quoting and let customers keep an eye on work in progress.

Overhauling software is never something to be done casually – the price of error is too high. With expert installation and training, Heidelberg’s Prinect specialists soon brought us to a point where we felt fully confident in our new workflow tools. We still feel that way – and we’re convinced that the best is yet to come!

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