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Printing companies today have to navigate the requirements of shorter run lengths, faster turnaround times and increasing costs, all while facing relatively stable print prices and higher consumables prices. With all of these challenges, it’s virtually impossible to maintain, yet alone increase, profitability without making changes to your current business model or operations. So what’s a printer to do?

The key to your profitability and the solution to your current challenges may be no further than your workflow. That’s why we started offering Prinect Production Manager — an innovative solution for delivering software by giving customers access to the complete Prinect production workflow in a simple subscription model.

While Production Manager allows you access to the full suite of Prinect products, we know that one size does not fit all. We’ll start by meeting with you to determine your business’s actual requirements. Based on this consultation, the selected Prinect modules are installed, hardware provided as necessary and training is carried out. However, you are not limited by what you choose to install in your primary consultation. As additional functionality is needed or as Prinect expands into other areas, the only prerequisite to add more is the appropriate installation and training for the new products.

With Prinect Production Manager, there are no more licensing costs. The monthly costs for Prinect Production Manager are based on what you actually use. The costs include a base fee (with an included number of square meter TIFF’s) and an additional charge based on the number of square meter TIFF’s produced above the base level.

Included with Prinect Production Manager are technical support, all fixes and upgrades, which ensure that you not only have the latest version, but also the newest Prinect suite introductions that are continually being developed. As new seats, portals etc. are needed, you can add them easily at no additional license charge.

“As a political printer, our busiest time is during election season, which falls every other October. My staff was extremely impressed with how quickly we were able to get everything done. It was our most efficient year as a company, and we definitely have to give a lot of thanks to Prinect Production Manager and Heidelberg for that.” – Tom Day, Sales and Marketing Director at Qwestcom Graphics

“When Prinect Production Manager was installed, we quickly realized that this was going to be one of the best investments we have ever made in this shop. It’s given us more efficiency and more options to do new jobs since we have access to all Prinect modules. As our business grows, we can easily adapt our configuration to meet our needs and take advantage of advanced features without the additional license expense. That’s something you can’t do with anything else but Prinect.” – Gary Chmielewski, President of Northern Ohio Printing Inc.