To enhance your labels, screen printing may be used to give you highest degree of coverage, precise detail and color intensity. We met with our Screeny Product Manager, Tony Wojciechowski, to learn more about the importance screen printing and how our Screeny products help customers stand out:

Learn about our Screeny products in the interview below:

What is screen printing?

There are four main printing techniques in the printing industry. All of those use an analog printing plate. In addition, there is digital printing, where it is possible to make every printing result looks different.

Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink directly onto a printing material. In the areas of the mesh where no ink should be applied, the openings of the mesh are made impermeable by a stencil. It is often used when a high coverage, precise details, high built relief or high color intensity is required to produce a brilliant image or tactile effects.

What is Screeny?

Heidelberg-Gallus Rotascreen is a Heidelberg-Gallus solution for high quality rotary screen printing. The key is the Screeny printing plate, which consists of a precision mesh made of stainless steel and is specially designed for high speed combination printing. Screeny can be integrated into Heidelberg-Gallus machines to achieve effects through screen printing that are not possible in pure flexographic printing.

Both printing technologies are often used on Heidelberg-Gallus machines. This has become a particular market trend, because products look different from conventional printing.

What are some special features that Screeny helps achieve?

With Screeny it is possible to produce Braille or Warning triangles and also relief and tactile textures for a “feel good value” packaging.

How does Screeny benefit customers?

Screeny combines the efficiency of all processes to produce outstanding labels. This combination delivers high performance and cost-effective production. It is also possible to obtain high quality and finished products all in line for efficient operation. In addition, the prepress workflow for Screeny plate manufacturing is very simple and fast.

What are the different types of Screeny products Heidelberg-Gallus offers?

Heidelberg-Gallus offers not only the machines with process combinations and modular design, it also offers screen printing plates with a large selection for every requirement. In addition to the appropriate prepress equipment, training and support for daily use are also available.

Why would you choose one Screeny product over another Screeny product?

Screeny was developed by Heidelberg-Gallus itself and has a unique microstructure with stable tissue and perfect structure compensation. This guarantees highest print quality and also consistency with fine lines, full surfaces and embossed printing.

Heidelberg-Gallus has a wide range of products on the market for every screen printing application.

Why is it important that Screeny is backed by Heidelberg-Gallus?

Heidelberg-Gallus delivers a whole solution for every production environment. Everything is out of one company: machine, consumables, service and application support by label experts. Heidelberg-Gallus is a partner who supports everyone in its daily work.

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