Fast Imaging Center, located in Berkeley, California, has seen a drastic increase in efficiency due to the extensive programming options on the Heidelberg POLAR Cutter D 66 ECO — one of Heidelberg’s bestselling, most economical cutters.

Increased Competitiveness from Programming Options

After years of experience using numerous different cutters, Inder Singh, Owner of Fast Imaging Center, has found the perfect solution for all of his cutting needs with the POLAR D 66 ECO.

Designed for one-shift operation, the POLAR D 66 ECO can store up to 198 cutting programs. According to Singh, “We never had the ability to program our cutters before. Now, our efficiency and turnaround times are hard to compete with. We’re still learning all the capabilities of the cutter, but we are excited to see how much more productive we will be as we continue to expand our knowledge.”

With the POLAR cutter, recurring cutting sequences can be memorized and changed at any time. These programs are created either manually or intuitively through block programming. To optimize the cutting quality, the pre-clamping time can be adjusted according to the material.

High Quality on All Sheets

The ultra-smooth stainless table surface on the POLAR cutter allows for easy handling of the material even without air jets. Within a wide setting range, the clamping pressure can be adjusted infinitely to each cutting material through a turning knob with scale.

Since the POLAR cutter is built with high quality materials, minimal maintenance is required while also giving Fast Imaging Center the best results. According to Singh, “On previous cutters, the last sheet always gets cut the wrong way because of faulty equipment. Since the blade is so strong and the cutter is so fast, you don’t have to account for wasted sheets when setting up the cutter. It doesn’t skew at all, which is why we are going to stick with the POLAR from now on.”

Fast Imaging Center isn’t the only company experiencing success with the POLAR 66 Cutter. With over 30 POLAR 66 cutters sold in 2019 alone, print shops all over the country are installing this popular, economical cutter due to the numerous capabilities on the machine and the high-quality results. For more information on the POLAR Cutter D 66 ECO, email

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