It’s a normal day in your print shop, and you’re focused on exceeding your customers’ expectations and producing at peak capacity. Even though you’re working with industry leading equipment and you have hardworking employees, you’re still facing challenges that hold you back from reaching your full potential in productivity, efficiency, and quality. Some of these issues are so common and have been prevalent in your workflows for years that you may not even realize that there is a solution — “it’s just something all print shops face in their day-to-day production.”

We compiled these issues into five questions to allow you to think of where you company stands and why these issues are impacting your company:

  1. Is your customer satisfaction down due to limited availability after operating hours? If customers have to call you in order to have status updates or to approve their jobs, they are more likely to deal with longer turnaround times.
  2. How many touchpoints on average are needed to produce a product in your company? Each touchpoint represents an interruption in the process possibly causing defects, loss of time, and higher costs.
  3. How much time do you spend during makeready trying to match color? Implementing color management standards and adhering unconditionally to quality levels are crucial for high productivity.
  4. Do you know how fast your equipment is running? Are you operating at full capacity? If you do not know this information, you may not be reaching your full potential.
  5. How much time are you spending re-keying the same information into multiple systems before a job even gets into production? When you’re working with several systems from all different vendors, there’s usually limited communication between them.

So, where does your company stand amongst these challenges? If you are struggling with several of these, you may be thinking that you might need to look into several different options throughout your production to improve your company. The good news is that you really only need to evaluate your current workflow software. Heidelberg offers an all-in-one solution with the Prinect Production Manager, which delivers software by giving customers access to the complete Prinect production workflow in a simple subscription model.

Let’s look at all the challenges we previously mentioned to show you what Prinect Production Manager offers to solve these problems:

  1. Customer Communication: Customers can enjoy greater flexibility by having 24/7 access into a web-based portal for a direct online response through Prinect Production Manager. Tasks such as file uploads, softproofing and content approval can be easily performed from anywhere, around the clock. The result is shorter processing times, lower costs, and fewer defects in production.
  2. Production Bottlenecks: You can optimize print production from start to finish using Prinect Production Manager. By automating processes in both administration and production, typical workflow bottlenecks can be prevented, increasing throughput and unlocking previously untapped capacity.
  3. Color Control: Within Prinect Production Manager, you’ll have access to Color Toolbox giving you the tools you need for exact color reproduction, monitoring, and central management of calibration data – ensuring consistent high color quality and predictable results.
  4. Transparency in the Pressroom: Prinect Production Manager collects all of your production data automatically. Using Analyze Point, you can evaluate the data through easy-to-read diagrams that help you manage your targets efficiently and harness potential in production.
  5. Integration of Management and Production: With Prinect Production Manager you have the option to add Prinect Business Manager to your subscription, which provides a powerful bidirectional interface between the production system and the MIS system. The MIS becomes part of the job definition, supplying administrative job data, impositioning data and a complete process net to the production workflow, in addition to receiving production data back for detailed cost analysis.

Thanks to Prinect Production Manager, you now have everything your shop needs to bring essential prepress, press, and postpress functions into alignment while solving all of your challenges along the way.

Do you think the Prinect Production Manager is right for your print shop? Email mailto:// and a Heidelberg representative will reach out to you shortly!

Dawn Lindsey