While walking down any aisle at the grocery store, you might notice a large influx of special effects on packages. These special effects help these products stand out and become more memorable from other products on the shelf. Will all companies be looking to include special effects in their packages in the future?

We sat down with the Director of Print Media Center Atlanta, Errol Moebius, to discuss the benefits of using special effects, what you can achieve using your Speedmaster, and if special effects is really going to shape the way of the future. Find the interview below:

Why would a company want special effects on their package?

Companies are always looking for ways to stand out on the shelf. A package has a great ability to increase the value of the product. When a package is of high value, the consumer believes the product inside will be of a similar quality.  The goal is to have an engaging package that impacts a person’s emotions — ultimately drawing a consumer to pick up their product to purchase it.

Why should print shops offer special effects?

In this competitive industry, print shops should always find ways to stand out to their customers. When your customer comes in with an idea, you always want to be able to say “yes” to their needs. Being able to complete special effects gives you an edge and makes you a more desirable print shop to work with.

Do you think we’ll see more special effects in the future?

As companies continue to seek out ways to appeal to consumers, I believe they will use more and more special effects to differentiate themselves. It’s crucial that print shops equip themselves with the right features to appeal to these companies.

What are the economic impacts of special effects from a production side and also a sales side?

While special effects are typically more expensive, you can also sell your products at a premium as there is a higher value.

How can you achieve special effects?

There are multiple options to achieve special effects, which includes using specialty inks, hi intensity, multi-color inks, different coatings, metalized coatings, embossing, Aqueous or UV flood coating, spot coating, cold-foil or hot-foil. You can also create a drip-off effect (also called strike through), which is done by applying a varnish in the last print unit or you can create a flood coating, which causes a matte gloss appearance. Most of this can be achieved using our Saphira consumables. Click here to go to our eShop to order!

What is the difference of creating special effects with aqueous coating vs UV?

Depending on the required effect, UV is known to be more expensive than conventional inks and aqueous coatings. The result of using UV allows for higher gloss levels and contrast for effect with aqueous offering a more economical solution for protection.

What are some techniques to use for special effects on the Speedmaster?

Depending upon how the Speedmaster is equipped, we can offer many solutions. In the print unit, we can offer standard 4-color ink, spot or process colors, multi color, metallics, opaque whites and varnishes. Depending if this is to be conventional, UV or LED, we can offer necessary drying or curing units. Our coating units are able to flood or spot coat with infrared/hot air dryers or UV or LED curing for the necessary special effects. More effects can be done in line by adding the cold foiling unit, Foilstar, while other effects like drip off or strike through can be done by combining print and coating unit applications.

What are some examples of special effects our machines can create?

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    Errol Moebius
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