Consider the plight of the pressroom manager who’s just been informed that he’s now in charge of moving all of his company’s equipment to another location. Each of the OEMs he calls for help recommends a different rigging and hauling contractor, and each contractor submits a different quote. Production is at risk for serious interruption while the overburdened manager struggles to coordinate the logistics without becoming overwhelmed by the endless details.

As the printing industry continues to reshape itself through mergers, plant closures, and other kinds of consolidation, more shops are confronting the stress of moving heavy production machinery for the first time. By entrusting the task to Heidelberg Equipment Relocation Services, shops get a worry-free experience that takes care of everything from dismantling, rigging, and transportation to reassembly, commissioning and testing – with peace of mind and a single invoice at the end of the process.

Ordinary contractors move machines. Heidelberg Equipment Relocation Services move workflows: presses and related supporting equipment that must be resituated and brought back on line simultaneously so that interruptions will be minimal. Only when the equipment is fully reinstalled and restored to prior running condition will Heidelberg call the job complete.

Recently, a Heidelberg relocation team was called upon to break down, transport and reassemble a workflow consisting of a Speedmaster CD 102-6+L, two full stitching lines, two POLAR cutters, three Heidelberg Stahlfolders, numerous small Heidelberg die cutters, and three small two-color presses. To the customer’s surprise – and delight – the team accomplished everything as promised in just seven days. Heidelberg can also plan timelines based on cost sensitivity instead.

Projects aren’t limited to Heidelberg equipment. If the customer wants something moved, Heidelberg will, regardless of brand, convey the equipment safely to its new home. Equipment Relocation Services also can arrange for insurance, issued in the owner’s name, so that the customer’s investment will be protected from start to finish.

Some contractors advertise “turnkey” relocation services, but shops facing moves should investigate whether these services truly are as comprehensive as Heidelberg’s. If a project involves repairs, Heidelberg can provide extended warranties on all qualified mechanical and electrical parts installed by Heidelberg SystemService technicians and their partners.

As the world’s leading seller of sheetfed offset presses, Heidelberg has installed and re-installed printing equipment of all types in virtually every corner of the globe. This has enabled them to build a network of authorized service providers that Equipment Relocation Services can draw upon no matter where the need arises. Heidelberg coordinates all of their activities so that the customer doesn’t have to.

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