McCarty Printing, a privately held and locally owned corporation in Erie, Pennsylvania, is expanding capacity with their new Speedmaster CX 75-5+L with UV from Heidelberg. The new press alongside their new Heidelberg Easymatrix 106 CS is supporting the growth of the company’s development in the packaging market.

Now Offering Even More to their Customers

Replacing an older Heidelberg press, the new Speedmaster CX 75-5+L gives McCarty Printing the ability to market new applications to their customers and increase volume in their print shop. “When comparing this press to our last press, it’s a huge upgrade,” said Brandon Sieber, President of McCarty Printing. “We see our speed and efficiency growing by leaps and bounds with the new equipment.”

The Speedmaster CX 75 closes the gap between the Speedmaster SX 74 and XL 75 by offering high flexibility and efficiency without the expense of a large number of added features. Printing at speeds up to 15,000 sheets an hour, the Speedmaster CX 75 can process substrates ranging from lightweight paper to rigid cardboard because of the double-diameter impression cylinders on the press. Built with an impressively compact design, the Speedmaster CX 75 is the narrowest press offered by Heidelberg in the half size market.

Driving the Speedmaster CX 75 is Prinect workflow, which integrates the presettings from the prepress stage to the feeder and delivery. This allows McCarty Printing to switch from the last sheet in a run to the first good sheet in the next run in less than five minutes. The company previously used Prinect for their workflow but plans to utilize more features with the CX 75. According to Sieber, “diving deeper into the features of Prinect will be a learning curve for our prepress department. However long-term, I see Prinect making us more productive while still helping us produce the best quality possible. It’s going to benefit everyone.”

McCarty Printing added UV capabilities to their Speedmaster CX 75, which allows the company to deliver special effects on a variety of possible substrates including paper, plastic, or foils. According to Sieber, “UV printing is completely new to us, but we are really excited to get started with it. Looking at the trends in the industry, we know that UV is the future, and we’re excited to be able to offer that to our customers.”

With UV printing, no drying time is needed, which means that the sheets can go straight onto McCarty Printing’s Easymatrix 106 CS without wait times – resulting in shorter delivery times for the company.

An Upgraded User-Friendly Diecutter

Installed in April 2018, the Easymatrix 106 CS replaced an older diecutter to better serve the packaging market. Since it was such a large change, Sieber was concerned that it would be a long training period for employees but was pleased to find out that the diecutter was extremely user-friendly.

“While there are still complex jobs to train for, our day-to-day jobs were really easy to learn,” said Sieber. “The learning curve for employees was steep, but it was still easy for our employees to pick up and ramp up production.”

Processing boards as thick as 78 pt. and up to 29.4” x 41.7” format at speeds up to 7,700 sheets per hour, the Easymatrix 106 CS increased McCarty Printing’s diecutting production output significantly.

A Stress-Free Partnership

Not only is the Speedmaster working with the Easymatrix and Prinect to increase productivity, but McCarty Printing also plans on upgrading their usage of Saphira Consumables to keep the press at peak performance. After a long history with Heidelberg, McCarty Printing puts their trust in its technology, machines, and consumables because of their consistent reliability. And if there is ever an issue with the equipment, McCarty Printing can confidently say that they will receive the help they need from Heidelberg’s SystemService, which has the largest service coverage in the industry.

“In our industry, people want their jobs done now,” said Sieber. “If we have to worry about a machine being down tomorrow, we’d have a lot of grey hairs, but we can take it to the bank knowing that Heidelberg equipment will work. If there is an issue, it will be easily fixed and resolved. The fact that Heidelberg has resources all over the world really helps us sleep at night.”

About McCarty Printing

McCarty Printing Corporation is one of the oldest and most established members of the printing industry in Northwest Pennsylvania. Since 1916, McCarty Printing has grown rapidly, in terms of accounts, employees, manufacturing space and equipment. Through constant investment in the latest technology, McCarty ranks among the most advanced production plants in our field. The company’s combination of highly dedicated craftsmen and cutting edge technology enables McCarty to offer the highest quality printed products at a very competitive pricing.

Rebecca Melville
PR and Marketing Specialist