Dfeeder_head_blogoes this look like your pressroom? Are you losing money each time you run your press?

Imagine going to the ATM to withdraw money. You walk up to the teller only to find that the bill feeder is jammed, and cannot deliver your bills — leaving you with no cash. Now, imagine running a job for a high profile customer. You start up the press only to find that the feeder is not functioning properly, and you’re losing sheets due to inconsistent feeding — leaving you with dollars in the trash.

Today, a Speedmaster XL 106 can run at maximum production speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour. Print shops running at this speed have the capability to reach 50 million impressions a year. To achieve such high levels of output, every piece of the press must be examined. When is the last time you evaluated every part of your equipment’s performance?

Peak production starts at the feeder, and the suction head touches every sheet produced. This means a broken, ineffective suction head could be damaging your productivity, resulting in lost profits. Feeder suction heads are a vital component of maximizing output, and serve as a robust piece of your equipment’s effectiveness.

Take a look at your production shifts. How many times are your operators stopping and restarting the press due to trouble with paper feeding? How many sheets (or dollars) are you throwing away each hour, day or year due to misfeeds and machine waste?

Paper is one of the most costly items of production. What are you doing to stop paper waste in your shop? If you are losing money due to this type of waste, it may be time for a feeder head replacement. Replacing this significant piece of your press could lead to:

  • Higher production
  • Less machine stoppages due to inconsistent feeding
  • Less paper and substrate waste
  • Guaranteed performance (when installed by a factory trained technician)

feeder_suction_head_promotion-2Heidelberg Feeder Suction Heads are technically designed to flawlessly feed a variety of substrates. With hundreds of mechanical and electrical components working in harmony, they are built in our state-of-the-art production facility and bench tested, to ensure proper performance of all components, and years of peak trouble free performance and feeding.

Heidelberg is dedicated to ensuring every sheet you produce is both deliverable and profitable. From now until March 31st, Heidelberg is feeding you savings with a special offer to replace and upgrade your feeder suction head with Heidelberg’s professional installation and extended warranty. With more than 30 versions to choose from, there is a feeder suction head to fit all Heidelberg sheetfed models. To learn more about our special offer, click here.


Ross MacLaren
Product Manager, Service Parts