We’re celebrating 10 years with our Saphira Consumables! Throughout these years, we’ve established a broad portfolio of prepress, pressroom and postpress consumables optimized for maximum performance in both Heidelberg and competitive systems. Our customers pick Saphira Consumables because of their consistency in meeting the latest environmental standards and their ability to meet every need and budget. Saphira Consumables can also be geared to specific machine technologies and applications. Bringing together your expertise with the Heidelberg know-how and Saphira Consumables, we’ve created an unbeatable combination these past 10 years for profitability throughout your pressroom.

We’ve picked out our Top 10 Saphira Consumables from the past 10 years. Click here to see the list.

We commission each new press we install with Saphira products, including ink, coating, and press chemistry to enhance print quality, streamline installation, and ensure the press is running at maximum speeds as soon as possible. Plus, we have ongoing support from our factory-trained print instructors.

Your One Stop Shop

In order to deliver best-in-class support to our growing consumables customer base, we have strengthened our local consumables organization through product and application training, improved logistical solutions, as well as training and support of print instructors and product specialists.

We continue to roll out products in our attractively priced Performance Rated consumable series, including blankets, wash-up cloths, ink foils, rollers, and fogra-approved press washes. We recently brought to market a new line of UV consumable products, including ink, coating, blankets, and optimized press chemistry.

Easily Accessible

To ensure easy access for our customers, we have an extensive consumables logistics network with 9 locations strategically placed in large metropolitan areas across the US. The network includes a consumables hub (located in Detroit) and 8 corresponding warehouses. With a full inventory for prepress, press and postpress, our network stocks over 25,000 SKUs and has a 99% shipping rate (within 2-3 business days).

The logistics system also includes a coating plant in Taylor, Michigan, which allows us to manufacture coating specifically for the US market.

Tried and True

As an international brand, all Saphira Consumables are extensively tested and certified to ensure outstanding performance of Heidelberg equipment in all markets served worldwide, from small commercial printing to VLF packaging. Performance Rated Saphira Consumables also undergo rigorous testing by experts here in the US to ensure a positive impact to your bottom line. Like all Saphira products, our Performance Rated series meets the latest industry standards for environmentally compliant production.

Our dedicated team of experts are ready to review your applications and production requirements. Please let us know your currents challenges, and we will work to provide a cost effective, profitable solution for your business.

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    Kurt Wiggins
    Kurt Wiggins
    Director, Consumables Product Mgmt. & App Suppt.