In order to continue offering the best quality and performance for its customers, Heidelberg regularly develops new technology and equipment for all of their product lines. While celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Saphira products, Heidelberg is also celebrating two of its newest consumable offerings, Saphira Digital Inks and Blanket Pro 250, for its customers in the United States.

Highest Quality Print Jobs with Saphira Digital Inks

Formulated for use in wide format inkjet printers, Saphira Digital Inks are premium, high-density UV and LED curable inks developed to hit G7 targets and achieve GRACol standards. Optimized for fast curing, Saphira Digital Inks have excellent adhesion and flexibility on a wide array of digital graphic media. Only introduced to the market in January 2018, customers are already seeing how these high quality inks are positively impacting their production.

Saphira Digital Inks’ long list of benefits include high chemical resistance, lightfast pigmentation, and increased density, which allow customers not only to save money by using less ink but also expand their color gamut. The inks also help minimize waste thanks to the eco-friendly bag-in-the-box packaging.

“With the Saphira Inks, our machine is running great and the colors are better, sharper, and we get a much bigger color gamut,” said Dale Drake Jr., Vice President of Operation at Continental Colorcraft. “We used to get streaking on solid blacks, but with the Saphira Inks, we eliminated streaks— which is a huge advantage. The images are looking better with more details and are more vibrant.”

Everything a Blanket Needs

Delivering the productivity and efficiency customers need, Heidelberg’s new versatile blanket, the Saphira Pro 250 provides excellent performance with great durability — creating a new cost-effective solution for customers. Providing dimensional stability and minimum stretching/sinking, the Saphira Pro 250 incorporates everything a blanket needs in order to help a print shop thrive.

The Saphira Pro 250 combines a thicker compressible layer with premium fabric construction and a smooth surface in order to increase smash resistance while minimizing elongation at higher speeds. The combination ensures excellent sheet release on multiple substrates including coated papers, board and recycled board.

Commercial packaging applications on coated and uncoated stocks are the ideal application for the Saphira Pro 250 Blanket; however, it can also be used for some hybrid applications. It’s also suitable for printing conventional, hybrid, and some UV inks.

“For the past 10 years, it’s been our priority to give our customers the best products in order to maximize their productivity,” said Kurt Wiggins, Director of Consumables Product Management for Heidelberg USA. “Our customers are benefitting from the Saphira Digital Inks and Saphira Pro 250 Blankets by delivering better quality with better performance.”

Rebecca Melville
PR and Marketing Specialist