Whether you’re interested in the Primefire, Omnifire, or the Versafire, we all have something to celebrate in digital! Each member of the “Fire Family” has entered a brand new era this summer. How will these machines impact the industry and our customers for years to come? Find out below:

Primefire: Expanding Business and Providing Security

Warneke Paper Box of Denver, Colorado recently installed the Primefire 106 allowing the packaging printer to expand their business by collaborating with their customers on targeted short run packaging campaigns and providing added security to cartons through variable content.

Based on the platform of the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106, the machine gives packaging printers the confidence of over 80% available print uptime, while also integrating seamlessly into offset environments. Thanks to the ability to match offset print quality, customers have the option on whether to print digitally or offset based on job length.

“We’ve trusted Heidelberg as a partner for years to develop groundbreaking technology that can help their customers turn a profit. We have no doubt that the Primefire will do just that,” said Stacy Warneke, President and CEO of Warneke Paper Box. “We’re thrilled that we will be the first in the US to put this state-of-the-art technology to work.”

We’re eager to see how this brilliant technology will impact Warneke in the months to come!

Click here to learn more about the Primefire!

Omnifire: Personalization on the Rise

Expanding customer reach by offering the ability to personalize and customize 3-dimensional products, Paratus Promotional Products, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia begins the first U.S. installation of the Omnifire 250.

Paratus Omnifire

Using a combination of inkjet digital printing, robotics, and software, the Omnfire 250 makes every surface a printable substrate no matter the shape of the object. Whether it’s a soccer ball or tumbler, the Omnfire gives users the ability to change its products over within seconds — providing their customers with shorter delivery times with on-demand printing.

“Down the road, I would like to have more than one Omnifire 250, and I also plan on installing an Omnifire 1000,” said Howard Givens, Owner of Paratus. “By also having the Omnifire 1000, we’ll be able to offer more diverse products. Right now, we have a huge advantage being the first one with these capabilities in the US, so I see us being the place to go for personalization. We’re excited to get started with these new capabilities and bring them into the market.”

We can’t wait to see how Paratus will use the Omnfire to personalize their customers’ products!

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Versafire: It’s Time to Upgrade

Building off the CV and CP platforms, we recently premiered our two new digital presses: the Versafire EV and EP.

Versafire Event

With the Versafire EP, you can expect to receive offset quality color and registration for environments exceeding 500,000 impressions per month at a cost of operation far less than its digital competitors. Printing up to 135 pages per minute, the Versafire EP can now process substrates up to 470 gsm (24 pt) at lengths up to 27.5” (banner lengths are also possible). The Versafire EP added inline sensors to enable the machine to control the color automatically during the print run ensuring safe, efficient and reliable production.

The new 5-color Versafire EV offers reliable production that is perfected on up to 27.5” substrates.  In addition to CMYK standard jobs, the engine expands the gamut with 5-color rendering using neon yellow or neon pink.   Also, embellishments with the fifth color options are available and include white, clear varnish, neon yellow, neon pink and new invisible red. For the first time, customers are able to print on colored paper or clear synthetics and produce extraordinary effects while printing white first and then process CMYK colors on top, all in one pass.

“We have the Versafire CP and CV, and I was excited to learn what new features are offered in the new models,” said Ralph Mondesando, Vice President of Rose Press located in Mount Vernon, New York. “The inline spectrophotometer is incredible— it’s inline and checks for every color, which is crucial for us to print great quality. We’re also excited about the new colors offered. Every time a new version of the Versafire is created, it just gets better and better.”

With more than 1,600 Versafire installed worldwide, we’re certain that the new era of Versafires will continue positively impacting our customers for years to come.

Click here to learn more about the two new Versafires!

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