Heidelberg believes that the hallmark of a well-run print shop is its focus on six key opportunities that every shop can take to improve profitability:

  1. Enhance customer interaction
  2. Reduce touch points
  3. Drive productivity and uptime
  4. Reduce waste and inventory
  5. Optimize consistency and repeatability
  6. Provide business intelligence

Leveraging these opportunities means addressing all of them in a unified workflow that makes the shop not only efficient, but “smart”: able to use the data its processes generate to become even more productive and profitable. This will be the outcome with Prinect Production Manager, the latest and most comprehensive innovation in Heidelberg’s Prinect catalog of workflow software solutions.

Prinect Production Manager contains everything a shop needs to bring essential prepress, press, and postpress functions into alignment. It scales as your business grows and can be augmented with Prinect Business Manager, an MIS; Prinect Smart BI, a business intelligence component; and whatever task-specific modules the shop requires.

As a SaaS (software as a service) solution, Prinect Production Manager easily adapts as your job profiles change, enabling you to utilize the full range of Prinect solutions. The subscription is a straightforward combination of a monthly base charge and a fee for usage (measured in square meters of TIFFs produced). The software even has features for making W2P (Web-to-print) connections with customers.

With Prinect Production Manager in place, shops will see reductions of bottlenecks, slowdowns, and redundant steps. Supporting both conventional and digital production, the coordinated workflow streamlines tasks from file input to finished product in ways that yield significant savings.

For example, cutting just two minutes of makeready from a press with a budgeted hourly rate of $300 recovers $10 per makeready, adding up to $320 per day (if the shop performs two makereadies per hour over two eight-hour shifts). That could come to as much as $83,200 in a year: a welcome contribution to any plant’s cash flow. Keeping track is the Prinect Business Manager MIS, which provides centralized control for quotes, costing, job status, and more.

The special power of Prinect Production Manager lies in what it can do with the help of Prinect Smart BI. Every shop has the raw material of “business intelligence” in the data it can harvest from business and production as jobs proceed to completion. Prinect Smart BI systematizes the data-gathering and presents the results in a dashboard that lets processes be measured and analyzed.

Now the shop has clear KPIs – key performance indicators – that it can use as targets for improvement throughout the operation. Insights that are based on facts help the shop to reach better business decisions about everything it does, sharpening its capability and multiplying its competitive advantage.

Heidelberg has made Prinect Production Manager the centerpiece of its offerings in workflow software for today’s smart print shops. For more information, visit bit.ly/prinect-production-manager.

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