In this growing digital age, it’s become increasingly important to educate the younger generations about the power of print, which is one of the main reasons we hire college interns every year. While our interns are getting their hands “dirty” in the work of their future career, we also strive to show them all the business areas that Heidelberg has to offer. Printing is complex and crucial to our society, and we hope that all of our interns leave with a greater appreciation for the printing industry.

We interviewed our 3 interns this summer to see what they took away from their internship and how they view print after being immersed in it for the summer. Read their answers below:

Why did you want to intern at Heidelberg?

“Ever since I began the Graphic Design program at my university, all the professors talked about what a great opportunity a Heidelberg Internship would be, which means that it’s a highly competitive program amongst college students. I knew it would be a great addition to my resume while also giving me the experience I need for my future career.”

“My dad owns a print shop, so I heard a lot about printing and the packaging industry growing up. When I began studying business in college, I was reminded of my dad’s company and was curious about the printing industry. When I found out about the opportunity to intern at Heidelberg, I was so excited to expand my knowledge and have a deeper understanding of print.”

Why do you think internships are important?

“Internships, I believe, are crucial in building experience and getting a taste of the real world. Being able to have an internship helps you with future employers and helps show that you have experience beyond your college courses. Internships give you the ability to test out what you like and dislike in certain industries, and it helps guide you with what you’d like to pursue for the rest of your life.”

What is the most beneficial thing you learned during this internship?

“I learned a lot through my experience here at Heidelberg, so to pick just one thing is hard. I think the overall experience of working in the corporate business world was beneficial. It was interesting to see what it takes to succeed and how to help the company grow. Heidelberg has taught me that even though printing has been around for a long time, the industry can and will continue to succeed with new technology and fresh knowledge.”

Why is print important?

“Print is still very relevant in today’s world because not everything can be digital and many people also just prefer print. If you go into any grocery or department store, you will see a printed item on every inch of every aisle. It’s a crucial part of our society, and I think people can lose sight of that.”

What is one thing you learned about print during your time at Heidelberg that you didn’t know before?

“I grew up with a simple digital home printer, so I had no idea about how massive and complex these presses would be. I never considered there would be one specific, giant machine to fold paper, or die-cut packages, or print on three-dimensional objects. These machines have an endless amount of possibilities to create incredible designs.”

You’ve grown up during the digital age. Has that impacted how you view print? Has it changed during this internship?

“I definitely appreciate the craft of printing more — I did not think of how long a printing process can take. I think this age believes everything online is more up-to-date and more accurate; however, after working here, I trust the internet less and print more. Print is a thought-out process from start to finish, whereas the internet takes just a few clicks of the keyboard to address information online. I will always prefer to read print over digital because of how reliable it is.”

Which Heidelberg technology fascinates you most?

“The Prinect Workflow is the most fascinating because of how well it works. I never realized how complex the process is before a piece comes off the press —there are so many other steps than just pressing the ‘print’ button. Prinect makes the whole printing process much easier — without the Prinect workflow, there would be no smooth print job.”

What’s your favorite thing about Print Media Center Atlanta?

“The amount of resources is endless — there are not many limitations on what you can and can’t print here. It is satisfying to know that I don’t have to sacrifice a design in fear that it won’t print correctly. I had a lot of great resources at my disposal to guide me on my designs.”

Did you have exposure to the printing industry before this internship? How has your idea of the printing industry changed since starting at Heidelberg?

“I had a little bit of knowledge and exposure to the printing industry prior to this internship, which is what got me interested and excited about Heidelberg. My idea of the industry definitely changed after being a part of the Heidelberg team because I developed a greater appreciation for print, packaging, and the insane technology behind it all. Before I only saw the big picture — the final product, but I never really thought about the massive machines it takes to make that one sign or that one package. It’s a process that’s so fascinating when you get to really see every little part and detail that’s put into the final product.”

Why do you think it’s important for your generation to get involved with the print industry?

“Print is still a growing industry especially with the emergence of digital printing, Plus, there is still a large need for printed materials in people’s everyday life.  It also can suit many different types of people from creative to technical people, so there are a lot of opportunities for all kinds of people within my generation to get involved in print.”

We’re so glad that our interns had a great summer and that they have a new-found interest in the print industry! Make sure to follow us on our social media pages to see what else they’ve been up to this summer!


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Rebecca Melville
PR and Marketing Specialist