To increase profitability, improve productivity and costs, and differentiate from their competitors, companies are starting to look outside of each individual manufacturing process in their print shops and considering the complete production cycle – building the Smart Print Shop. Workflow, as a result, is becoming a large differentiator for companies as it can be used to seamlessly pass information between different stages of production. This reduces both time and errors by eliminating duplicate inputs and waste throughout the manufacturing process. The key driver in moving companies’ profitability forward, workflow will transform manufacturing, leveraging the benefits from Industry 4.0, to produce effective, adaptable and data driven companies that can truly manage and grow their operations.

The Next Level of Productivity and Consistency

In the pressroom, traditional workflow systems only pass ink key settings and a job name onto the press. The press operator will then spend time inputting data into the console from a job ticket, which takes time and also allows for input errors from the operator. What if this information and a number of other presets could be passed to your press automatically – saving you time and money and also opening up new capacity in production? That’s where Prinect Production Manager comes in.

Uniquely presetting the press with individual settings, as shown in Figure 1, Prinect makes it possible to automate make-ready tasks – improving consistency and eliminating the cost-accumulating steps  – from prepress to press to even postpress. Prinect Production Manager provides a seamless solution to drive your Smart Print Shop – managing the complete information flow, integrating with your Heidelberg products as well as third party applications / hardware, and providing data for effective decision making processes.

Prinect Production Manager provides a single solution for printers to address their complete workflow needs from the initial customer request through the complete manufacturing cycle through to invoicing. The time of buying individual licenses for products, additional seats for portals etc. has been replaced with everything included into a monthly fee.

The data provided by Production Manager is even more powerful when combined with other options such as Prinect Business Intelligence, which is used for analyzing data to help companies make informed business decisions. KPI’s such as daily orders, profitability, and production performance can be used to manage daily operations and also to make strategic decisions on pricing, what products are sold by companies, and what future investments are needed to drive profitability.

How Does All of This Data Impact Business Operations?

It allows you to lower your manufacturing costs – creating a lower cost per sheet, which can then be used to gain new work and increase profitability. The degree of savings will depend on the job and equipment mix of your print shop – contact us using the form below if you’re interested in learning how your business can benefit from Prinect Production Manager!

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