Welcome to Print Media Center Atlanta (PMC ATL) – the home of print experts, passionate staff and ever-changing, cutting edge technology. PMC ATL is the second largest print demonstration center in the world – and the largest in the US – supporting customers primarily in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

The primary function of PMC ATL is to show how our Heidelberg equipment works and to demonstrate our industry leading productivity. As technology rapidly changes, our machines must evolve as well.

The Director of PMC Atlanta, Errol Moebius, gave some insight on what’s new at PMC ATL.

What new technology do you have at PMC ATL?

We have several new machines and technologies installed and being installed in the near future, throughout PMC.


We have the latest version of Prinect workflow, which integrates all parts of production (prepress, press and postpress) into a singular, transparent job flow. This integrated workflow is really the command center for any pressroom and can be customized for your business needs to maximize efficiencies and productivity.

2. Press

xl 106

We have the new Speedmaster XL 106-6+L with “Push-to-Stop” functionality. It has the ability to print in conventional mode and, being equipped with UV and LED curing, allows change overs back and forth depending on the application needs. It has many features for optimized productivity including the following:

  • New Prinect Press Center XL with Wallscreen
  • IntelliStart 2 with intelligent presetting
  • Auto Plate Pro: automatic plate loading
  • Prinect Inpress Control measurement
  • Coating unit with the multi-cassette Anilox Roller holder for fast coating roller application changes

Our second press, the Speedmaster CS 92-5+L with a 37 inch format and fitted with LED End of Press curing, focuses on the commercial segment that requires shorter, fast turnaround jobs. The CS 92 has the ability to complete fast makereadies with low waste and fast work and turn, which is due to the LED curing of ink and coating on the machine.

3. Postpress and Packaging

On the commercial finishing side, we have the Stahlfolder TH 82-P, which is the newest folder added to the equipment lineup at PMC ATL. The addition of “P” technology allows you to increase output while keeping the same mechanical speed. Improvements in feeding and shingling enable more finished sheets per hour onto the floor, increasing customer productivity. We also have the KH 82, knife folding machine and the BH 66 folder, allowing us to cover a number of different folding requirements.

In the packaging area, the Promatrix 106 CSB has die-cutting and blanking capabilities up to 41 inches. It automates the blanking process, providing one ups for the folding carton process. One great feature of this machine is its ability to remove a sample sheet without interrupting production, even while blanking. Also, we have completed the installation of the Easymatrix 106 CS machine, for those customers looking for ways to expand into the packaging area, improving their efficiencies and productivity over older, slower die-cutting equipment.

Along with the die cutters, we have added the new Diana Easy 115 folder carton gluing machine with its high degree of operator-friendliness allowing for fast and easy change overs. It is designed to run at speeds above 1,100 feet per minute and perfectly equipped for a wide range of applications.

Can you tell me about one of your favorite features of the new technologies?

It is difficult to pick one specific feature that is my favorite. If I had to pick, I would say Inpress Control 3, our latest version of color measurement software. It is probably the most important part of keeping the printing process stable and consistent from makeready all the way through to the production run.

If I look through the whole process, there are a number of fantastic new technologies starting with our suite of Prinect software: preflighting, imposition and color management. Moving on to our IntelliStart Control system, this software is able to provide valuable data for quality control and productivity. When we reach the final part of the production process, Prinect even supports the integration and job preparation of our cutting, folding and die-cutting machines, which means we can help customers all the way through the process.

Tell me about how PMC has evolved.

We continually listen to our customers and strive to improve the technology to allow for more efficient print shops. Based on our customers’ needs, we have found ways to improve the equipment, adding integration into workflows. We work closely with our consumables and parts with the goal of allowing our customers to visit PMC and see how all of Heidelberg’s offerings are able to increase their productivity.

Describe a day-to-day life at PMC.

Our day-to-day life at PMC is always changing based on the demands that day calls for. Some of the things we do day-to-day consist of preparing for demonstrations, supporting service needs and testing consumables, fine tuning and calibrating the equipment, training internal staff and customers on equipment and software, and of course, carrying out customer demonstrations across the product lines, with the main goal and focus of building and improving our customers confidence, flexibility and productivity.

How many visitors do you have in a day?

Visitor count is different from day-to-day, and we have many different kinds of visitors, including customers for demonstrations, training or testing. We also will have visits from industry groups, universities, schools and associations for educational tours. Some days we have individual visitors, while other days we have as many as 200+ visitors for an open house or technology event.

Can you describe what the visitors are looking for?

Visitors come to PMC ATL for many reasons, and they are all looking for something different based on the machine or application they want. It is crucial to know the customer’s needs beforehand to demonstrate how our equipment will perform for their specific goals. It is important for us to prepare the equipment and our staff to understand, perform, and whenever possible, exceed customers’ expectations.

Can you tell me about your staff?

The staff is a group of fun, well-rounded, supportive team members. They all have extensive knowledge in their specific fields and work well together to find the best way to showcase the Heidelberg portfolio to customers. Their knowledge can lead them to challenging the applications and production workflow with the aim to find more efficient ways for our customers to boost their productivity and efficiencies.

What’s your favorite aspect of PMC?

I love to see smiles on the customer’s faces, knowing that we were able to exceed their expectations.

Have you visited PMC Atlanta yet? Tell us about your experience here.

Errol Moebius
Director of PMC Atlanta