Upgrading from an older CtP device, Hitchcock Printing of New Britain, Connecticut installed the Suprasetter A 106 from Heidelberg to keep up with the high demands of its Speedmaster XL 75. Running with a fully integrated Prinect workflow and Heidelberg Saphira Consumables, the company has created a “recipe” that will take their productivity to the next level.

Reduced Bottlenecks with a Seamless Workflow

With Hitchcock Printing’s older CtP device becoming less reliable, the company made it a priority to add a new CtP device that would keep up with the industry-leading speeds of its Speedmaster XL 75. Hitchcock Printing’s new Suprasetter A 106 fully automates the loading of plates direct from the Dual Cassette Loader (DCL) with slip sheet removal, imaging, punching, and stacking the plates.

“We really needed a CtP device that could keep up with the press,” said Dane Baclaski, Vice President of Hitchcock Printing. “With the Suprasetter A 106, it’s increasing our productivity and decreasing our costs. We can run this machine without operator intervention overnight and the time to produce a set of four plates is faster than the shortest makeready/run on the press.”

The Suprasetter A 106 with DCL, which can hold 110 plates of each press size, includes a high quality laser system developed by Heidelberg and provides excellent image quality. Thanks to the Intelligent Diode System, if one diode fails during production, the operation can continue—giving Hitchcock Printing the production reliability they need.

Integrated Prinect Workflow Equals Peak Productivity

To take their productivity to the next level, Hitchcock Printing also has a fully integrated Prinect workflow in their print shop including Signa Station. Signa Station is the world’s leading solution for impositioning and assembling sheets and is a central component of the integrated Prinect workflow.

“It’s important for us to stay up to date with our software to keep us at peak productivity,” said Baclaski. “Prinect workflow works seamlessly with our shop. It has given us more control and has been extremely reliable.”

Alongside Prinect, Hitchcock Printing also uses Heidelberg Saphira plates, and runs a Speedmaster SM 102-2-P and Speedmaster XL 75-5+L+F. The company continuously invests in Heidelberg because it can consistently trust that the equipment will be reliable and productive.

About Hitchcock Printing

As Connecticut’s leading mid-size printer, Hitchcock Printing helps clients produce exceptional print material using the latest technology. The print shop has efficient and modern production facilities that integrate mailing and distribution capabilities. Hitchcock Printing has a customer-centric philosophy and is committed to innovation and improvement.

Rebecca Melville
PR and Marketing Specialist