From the moment we introduced our Smart Collaboration concept called “Heidelberg Assistant“ at drupa 2016, customers loved this exciting new platform. In December 2017, Heidelberg Assistant was launched with 15 pilot customers, and we’re excited for the day that Heidelberg Assistant is available for all of our customers.

But what is Heidelberg Assistant?

Heidelberg Assistant  provides  an exclusive online platform  for Heidelberg  customers. It is a portal of Heidelberg’s data driven smart services designed to help customers achieve optimal efficiency and productivity. It includes access to manuals and maintenance guides, performance and predictive data, and contracts and invoice details. The best thing about the Heidelberg Assistant is customers can view this information anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Through Heidelberg Assistant, customers have direct access to the new Heidelberg eShop. Products are recommended and filtered based on the equipment installed base.  The result is a simplified customized ordering process for our customers.

So what exactly does Heidelberg Assistant do for our customers beyond data transparency?

Machines “today“ are talking by providing printers myriads of information. It is the job of both printers and their solution providers to listen to the machines to determine how to reach optimal productivity. Heidelberg Assistant translates this information in an easy to understand platform so you can use this data in your decision making process. Thanks to the Heidelberg Assistant, customers can access this information,  over multiple channels 24/7. Machine status, performance/predictive monitoring and service management are just a few of the features found in Heidelberg Assistant that re-define the customer-supplier relationship.

How we provide the solution is just as  important as the  solution itself. If reduced complexity is what you are looking for, Heidelberg Assistant is the Simply Smarter platform. We help you ensure that production and supply purchasing runs smoothly by allowing us to manage service,  materials, performance and maintenance. By doing so, customers can concentrate on their core challenges, such as further expanding their portfolio. With its lifecycle business and the new Heidelberg Assistant tool, Heidelberg will take on roles to help you with profitability.

In our dialogue with our pilot customers, they confirmed that this will significantly help them run their business more effectively. Here are a few  of their responses:

John Westra (Plant Manager, Americraft Sturgis Location):

“It was great being selected by Heidelberg to use this great new program. After seeing the demo and live Performance Review, I am excited to be able to view this anytime at my convenience. The new Heidelberg Assistant will be another reason, I see, to go with Heidelberg’s premium solutions in the future.”

 Niels Winther (CEO, Think Patented):

“Conducting the Performance Review through Heidelberg Assistant is much more efficient than the way we have done this in the last 3 years. I like the portal accessibility of Heidelberg Assistant. That means I can look at it anytime, anywhere at my leisure.”

Darrell Moore (President, Modern Litho):

“I am really excited about Heidelberg Assistant. You guys did a great job presenting it and explaining everything. There is a lot of information now at my fingertips. I can look at this and see what is going on with the machines or in the print shop. And it gives me a higher level overview.

If you would like to have more information regarding Heidelberg Assistant or would like to be considered in our early launch phase, please fill out the form below.

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    Jim Scott
    Business Development/Project Manager Heidelberg Assistant