The Speedmaster CS 92 is steadily being placed into printing companies around the world, and a common theme from users is improved print quality, productivity, reliability. It’s being looked at as an economical replacement for older presses, and most importantly, it’s increasing our customer’s sales turnover.

From Heidelberg’s perspective, improving customer performance and profitability is a key reason for the development of the Speedmaster CS 92. The CS 92 is tailor-made for commercial print jobs in A4 format or US letter size 8 ½ x 11. It therefore offers the best possible price/performance ratio for the cost-effective manufacturing of brochures, catalogs and flyers. CS 92 users also gain an advantage over the competition and benefit from 20 percent less cost on printing plates when compared to the 70 × 100 cm (31.10 × 40.55 in in) format cost.

Key Speedmaster CS 92 takeaways that pay dividends with every job:

  • Reduce wash-ups times – Ink fountain liners ensure zero calibration at every ink key, which allow for precise automatic color adjusment. The foil can be easily replaced upon color change and can be removed very simply.
  • Parallel wash programs – monitored by the ink fountain sensor additionally shorten make-ready times.
  • Reduce change over time– IntelliStart operator guidance system saves up to 70% of the operating steps compared to non IntelliStart systems. Each job sequences the fastest change over time, which ensures your operators are working in the most efficient manor job to job and is an important factor in repeat work.
  • Higher Piles– With the feeder and delivery designed for piles up to 1.3 meters (50.98 in), print interruptions decrease due to less pile changes. 50 % higher piles reduce pile changes by 33% in long runs. In addition, 33 % less storage space is required.
  • Eliminate trip offs – Fully automatic sheet arrival control ensures non-stop production. If the sheets arrive early, late or not aligned, sheets are corrected automatically. The net production speed therefore is significantly higher compared to a machine without a control system.
  • Perfect Roller Settings – Thanks to the Roller Check Assistant, the review and adjustment takes only 10 minutes per printing unit compared to manual adjustment, which takes 30 minutes to complete. The easy roller setting is standardized for Speedmaster presses and is easily transferred from one machine to another.  The simple, fast handling allows a preventive examination and ensures higher quality, less waste and a lower complaint rate.

Equipped with the latest technology from Heidelberg and based on the successful Speedmaster CD 102 platform, the Speedmaster CS 92 impresses with its quality and is a futureproof investment. It offers high productivity for processing a wide range of substrates with printing speeds of up to 15,000 sheets an hour. Further features are its simple, intuitive operation with Intellistart and integration with the Prinect workflow; it’s also offered with Prinect Easy Control spectrophotometric color measurement system.

Let’s see what customers are saying worldwide about the Speedmaster CS 92.

Shanghai Chang Xin Long Printing Co.

“We changed over to Speedmaster technology in 2015. It was the first time that we swapped a rival press for a Speedmaster CS 92. We were not the only ones impressed by the print quality – our customers were also impressed that we recorded a 20 percent increase in turnover. A traditional commercial printing run of 5,000 units now takes us half an hour, including make-ready time. We printed 50 million sheets in one year, and did not need to contact the Heidelberg service department once. The Speedmaster presses run smoothly, produce outstanding print quality and are highly productive. In other words, it’s exactly what we need.”

Rollin Imprimeur

Since May 2017, the Rollin printing company, based in France, has been using a new Speedmaster CS 92 four-color press with coating unit for its production. Impressive features of the first printing press of this type in France include a marked reduction in plate costs and significantly increased productivity and flexibility. Based on the tried-and-tested Speedmaster CD 102 platform, Rollin Imprimeur benefits from the high print quality of Heidelberg.

Using 20 percent less plate material than the 70 x 100 format, the Speedmaster CS 92 has helped Rollin improve in the following areas:

  • increased productivity by 25 percent
  • reduced paper waste per make-ready, which saves approx. € 30,000 per year

CDI Printing Services

In the US, CDI Printing Services of Gibsonia Pennsylvania was the first US customer to purchase the CS 92. CDI is an award-winning, minority/veteran-owned commercial printing company with a longstanding reputation for providing classic design, brilliant print quality, personalized service, and highly competitive pricing. They employ a customer-driven approach to product development and an ongoing commitment to research and investment in new technologies. CDI recently installed a Speedmaster CS 92-6+L with UV for Hybrid print applications— using Conventional Ink & Aqueous Coating and UV Ink & UV Coating.

Stay tuned for more exciting news out of CDI.

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