The days of relying on couriers or the post office to deliver hard copy proofs are over.  Now, remote job submission and online soft proofs are the standard. However, many businesses that need to go from art to the final printed product are still struggling with how-to deliver a best-in-class experience while keeping their costs in control.

With the Prinect Prepress Portal, Heidelberg delivers a simple and efficient web-based production workflow between print shop and customer. The process is all about making it easier and faster to submit and approve jobs and get the finished product into the customers’ hands as quickly as possible.

Securely integrated with the Prinect workflow, any activities via the Prepress Portal take place within the context of the job. This means that the print shop can define their entire prepress cycle, extending their automation capabilities, to reduce turnaround times and unnecessary touchpoints.

Color-accurate proofing, reviews and approvals are accomplished remotely using web browsers or tablets in a fraction of the time. This gives customers more time and flexibility as they can upload and review their data quickly and easily on their own screen, around the clock, and independent of business hours. The proof and final output are both generated by the same Prinect engines, helping to keep your costs under control by reducing production errors.

Quicker turnaround isn’t the only advantage. The uploaded data is automatically subjected to a preflight check, taking into account all technical requirements for production. Any errors, such as low-resolution images or improperly embedded fonts, are caught and reported immediately, which gives the customer the opportunity to quickly upload corrected files.

With the Prinect Prepress Portal, communication is simplified, job flows become transparent and errors can be avoided.  By streamlining remote job submission and collaboration, we strengthen the working relationship between service providers and their customers.

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Dawn Lindsey
Prinect Product Manager