In order to be successful in digital printing, a company must be able to handle many print jobs with short print run lengths during the day. One effective way to do this is to stay in control and manage all aspects of your digital workflow.

The Prinect Digital Front End (DFE), developed for the Versafire CV and the Versafire CP, provides uncompromised support for the digital printing process. Producing shorter production times, faster job changes and increased personalization, Prinect DFE is much more than just another RIP — it’s a way for your company to stay organized and in control of all aspects of your workflow.

Prinect DFE is created with the two already proven successful technologies, Heidelberg color management and Heidelberg renderer, that were tried and tested in offset printing. The complete workflow server is also included, which enables the manufacturing process for digital print products to be automated and standardized – for excellent efficiency, greater transparency, and a noticeably faster job flow.

The digital preflight, color management, imposition and print process can be controlled by one central cockpit and automated for ease of use and higher productivity. This will result in an intelligent digital printing workflow that has reliable and repeatable quality and color management.

You can choose to install your DFE either standalone to run independently of already existing workflows or you can choose to have it integrated. By integrating your DFE, all jobs can be managed, planned and produced centrally in a single familiar workflow.

Prinect DFE uses the same Heidelberg Renderer Technology for digital printing that Heidelberg also uses for CtP. This not only benefits customers using both digital and offset printing, but it also gives customers the advantage of having Heidelberg’s  experience processing complex PDF documents in industrial printing environments.

Offering all necessary Imposing, Composing, Pre-flighting, Color Management, and Workflow Server Functions in one Product and Workflow Automation, Prinect DFE also includes:

  • Workflow automation with sequences for human error free standardization
  • ICC profile based color workflow typical for offset print shops
  • WYSIWYG user interface providing full control of the layout
  • Tools to modify print colors manually based on hardcopies provided by customers
  • User interfaces for specific tasks honoring different qualification levels of employees either assigned to prepress or production tasks
  • Mixed Media support — all sheets can be different
  • Mixed Color support — a dedicated ICC profile can be assigned to each sheet
  • Very detailed pre-flight reports as PDF files that are easily shareable with customers
  • Optimization of PDF for Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) automatically, fix errors and optimized for performance

It’s time to be in control and manage all aspects of your digital work flow — DFE can help you concentrate on what matters.

Joe Vincola
Product Manager, Digital Press