Did you know that in order to print at peak production on your sheetfed presses, you should be changing your Cylinder Jackets every 60 million sheets? To put that into perspective — if you are printing off of a Speedmaster XL 106 and are printing at 18,000 sheets per hour, you should be changing your Cylinder Jackets about once a year.

Cylinder Jackets do a lot more than just transfer your sheets without marking it. Your jackets can actually help you reduce cleaning time, minimize waste, boost production speeds, and improve print quality. By changing your Cylinder Jackets, you are contributing to the success of every print job — maximizing the quality and consistency for your customer!

Our steel impression and transfer jackets are the highest tolerance jackets and have the highest ink-coating surface repellence in the industry. With 100+ styles for all models, our jackets are available for all Impression, Transfer, and Delivery Cylinder Needs: Chromium, Refined, Mark III, PerfectJacket, PerfectJacket Plus, PerfectJacket Blue, Perfecting, Numbering, and Anti-marking.

Before you purchase your yearly supply of Cylinder Jackets, we have more news for you! Back by popular demand, we are having our Annual Autumn Jacket sale, where you can save 35% on your Cylinder Jackets! This sale lasts through December 31, 2017, so don’t wait too long!

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Ross MacLaren
Product Manager of Service Parts