We all know that our cars will need maintenance and replacement parts, but we may not realize that the same sort of maintenance is required for our presses. As you continue to put more “miles” aka impressions on your presses, they will need repairs, new parts, and sometimes may even breakdown.

Technical Services

This is where our SystemService team comes in — our technical services are a critical component to making sure that your equipment is up and running as efficiently as possible. We offer 12 different services to best fit your needs. With everything from routine maintenance and parts to remote diagnosis, we can custom build a program or you have the flexibility to pick and choose your services when you need them.

We offer parts coverage with extended warranty programs when installed by Heidelberg, repair coverage, maintenance inspection, global network expert support, remote diagnosis, remote monitoring, software maintenance, fitness check, print register evaluation, performance check and equipment relocation.

Third Party Partnerships

Along with our own technical service, we also partner with third party vendors to give our customers more options to get their machines fixed. Whether that means working on weekends or at night, servicing or moving competitive or older equipment, or giving you a better service response time — even in more remote locations.

With our partnerships, you can count on the person we hire to repair your press because they are approved by Heidelberg for the specific job to be performed.

Primarily focusing on customers who own machines that are 10 years old or older, partnerships give customers an affordable choice and the confidence that you deserve.

Relocation Services

Have you reached your company’s capacity and looking to expand? Moving your large presses can be a hassle, and you may wish to have experienced assistance to make the job run smoothly.

Heidelberg’s relocation services are here to help! Using experienced technicians, we get your presses to your print shop’s new home quickly and efficiently, and because Heidelberg is involved in this transition, you will know that your press will be running as quickly as possible.

Don’t just take our word for our service — here’s what our customers are saying!

“The service is efficient. The technician stayed with us until the machine was working at peak productivity. It’s important for us to have a technician whenever we need it — I know Heidelberg has that.” Gian Franco Cillario, President and CEO of Eurostampa North America.
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“Previously, we had to stay shut down for long periods of time due to breakdowns, which caused us to lose a lot of money,” said Stokes. “Since I know that Heidelberg is there to stop problems before they even start, it really makes me feel confident in the company – that’s why I love Heidelberg.” Bob Stokes, General Manager of Abbott Communications.
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“The reason we went with Heidelberg on our latest digital press was not only a testament to the capabilities of the machine but also to our long standing relationship with Heidelberg. I only have one call if I’m having a problem with any of my machines, and someone is there to help me over the phone or is scheduled to come in right away. Their service team is simply unparalleled in the industry.” JohnHenry Ruggieri, Managing Partner of SunDance
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Shawn McDougall
Director, SystemService Channel Development