In an ultracompetitive world, you’re always looking for ways to stand out, stay relevant, differentiate yourselves from the pack and enhance your value with your customers.  With a 5 color press, capable of up to 13 x 27.5 inch media and a library of hundreds of substrates, you can offer your customers digital print options that were not previously available or cost effective.   Printing short run, specialty work with quick turn-around and higher margins is easier than you think.  With CMYK +, you can now put the “Art” back into “Graphic Arts.”

To date, only a small piece of the CMYK+ market has converted to a digital press, so the profitable opportunity is there if you have the right equipment to produce the work.

Key applications such as direct mail, invitations, book covers, brochures and business cards, to name just a few, can now be printed utilizing a 5th color.  White, clear, neon yellow and neon pink toners can be used along with CMYK to easily print highlight colors, clear or spot coating and other special effects.  The applications are only limited by the imagination.

Using white toner, you can now design and print on dark substrates such as black or dark blue for higher a contrast between fonts and images for more impact in your messaging.  Another application is printing on clear plastics or PET for signage such as window clings or back light advertising. We’ve seen our customers produce invitations and greeting cards utilizing white fonts on black substrates and clear toner accents with great success and positive feedback from their customer base.

Clear Toner enables the designer to emphasize photos and images with a spot clear to draw attention to enhance that image.  Clear toner can also be utilized to print patterns for a special unique look.  Think leopard spots, leaf imprints or a basketball texture to draw attention to or accent the subject of the printed piece to give it a special effect.

For safety or novelty applications or for messaging impact, neon toners are a great choice.  The neon helps the piece to stand out amongst other posters, promotional items & direct mail pieces that don’t have this unique differentiator.  These neon applications can help you further distinguish your digital press from the other printers in town.

Printers that aren’t incorporating short run 5th color digital may be leaving money and opportunity on the table. With a CMYK+ press your applications become premium applications that can be printed on premium substrates for a premium price.  Grab the margin while gaining new customers & revenue for years to come.

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Joe Vincola
Product Manager, Digital Press