Welcome to the Fire Family! While all three presses are vastly different, the Fire products all focus on the changing trends in the industry — shorter runs, tight turnaround times, and more customized personalized, content.

We’ll discuss the three digital presses (Omnifire, Versafire, and Primefire) of the fire family below:


With the demand of personalization increasing among consumers, it is important for businesses to embrace customers’ desires. Thankfully with the Omnifire, businesses are now able to personalize most three-dimensional objects within seconds.

With our Omnifire 250 and 1000, a combination of inkjet digital printing, robotics, and software makes every surface a printable substrate no matter the shape of the object.

The Omnifire allows you to change products [from a soccer ball to a tumbler] over within seconds. Learn more about this fascinating technology here.


The Versafire CP is an ideal solution for any print volume based on its flexibility and scalability. Producing top-class advertising and presentation materials along with personalized print products, professionally bound books and brochures, the Versafire CP sets new standards in productivity, quality and availability.

Processing different types of materials with ease, this digital press is highly automated and ensures precise positioning. This makes it possible for the press to complete tasks more easily, quickly, reliably, and cost efficiently.

Another Versafire to be aware of is the Versafire CV — this digital press is the only one in its class offering printing white, clear, varnish or fluorescent neon-yellow or pink as a full-flood or spot coating. Flexible use of the digital press is ensured with the Versafires being quick and easy to switch between spot colors.

The Versafire CV delivers razor-sharp high-resolution image thanks to its innovative laser technology. The color toner used on the digital press achieves a sharp, uniform result thanks to ultra-fine particles. Another impressive feature is the color gamut and low melting point, which makes it possible to print on all types of materials.

Thinking about switching to the more affordable choice? Learn more here.


With the Primefire, Digital meets Industrialization. Being the world’s first B1 industrial inkjet digital printing press, the Primefire provides packaging and commercial printers production efficiencies that are not possible in smaller formats and gives them the opportunity to continue to utilize their finishing processes currently used for offset work.

The Primefire 106 is built on the basis of the Speedmaster XL 106 design. The digital press combines the finest inkjet quality available with our partner FujiFilm’s Samba 1,200 x 1,200 dpi inkjet technology with the reliability and precision of a Peak Performance offset press. This means that the Primefire provides a B1 (40”) foundation with a tested production design for uptime, robustness, and high speed substrate handling. This also includes the XL’s modularity, which allows customers to customize the solution to meet their unique printing requirements.

Dan Maurer was interviewed about the benefits included in the Primefire. Read it here.

Whether you want shorter runs, tighter turnaround times, or the ability to personalize your content, you can find it within any of our Fire Family of products. Make sure to check out our other blogs for more information or contact Dan Maurer by emailing Daniel.maurer@heidelberg.com!

Dan Maurer
Vice President of Digital Product Management