Girls Who Print day commemorates all women in the printing industry! To join the celebration, we talked to one of our printers, Carol Flores, here at Heidelberg!

What is your position here at Heidelberg?

I am a Prepress Technical Support Specialist and also the Team Leader for the Prepress Technical Support team. I assist our customers and Field Service team with troubleshooting and solving challenges they are facing with Prinect workflow software, Versafire and Omnifire products. I also work alongside other departments (e.g., Product Management and R&D) on the planning and logistics of software version releases, new product releases, and training.

How did you become interested in print?

I didn’t find print. Print found me. After getting my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I ended up working for the advertising department of a publishing company. We produced small regional telephone books (those are vintage now, right?). That’s where I learned to work with Apple Mac computers, which I used to design yellow page ads and layout the phone book pages. This was my first contact with anything print-related. That experience led me to apply for a position in technical support at Linotype-Hell Company, which was subsequently purchased by Heidelberg.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I love the variety in my job. I am always encountering new challenges every day and with each new version or product released. It’s never boring.

Also, I love the vast number of people I have been able to meet. My job involves communication with colleagues and customers from different countries and has allowed me to travel to other cities and countries and experience the different cultures.

What is your favorite thing about print?

For me, print is about communication. Communicating some sort of information or knowledge. Print is now being used to enhance other channels of communication. It’s not just about ink on paper. Print can range from some sort of coupon or sale to a medical journal article that teaches others about better ways to treat an illness. When I take step back to reflect, the reach of print is so vast and this is what I help our customers produce.

What is it like being a female in the printing industry?

There is no denying that the printing industry is historically male dominated. Now there are many, many females at all levels of the industry. That being said, in my experience on the service side, it does not matter to our customers if you are male or female. They are looking for help and if you can exceed their expectations, that’s all that matters.

What does “Girls Who Print” Day mean to you?

It’s nice that there is an organization out there to encourage girls to pursue their interests in print and not be intimidated or feel outnumbered. Each one of us brings a unique perspective to the table. We can and do make valuable contributions to the printing industry.

Are you a girl who prints? Tell us what your favorite part about printing is!