Having digital capability is essential in today’s print market, but there is no reason to pay for more capability than your shop actually needs.  With advancements in technology, high quality digital presses are more cost effective than older technology digital presses. I’m sure you’ve been told, “If you buy it the volume will come,” but there’s a better way. This is the new digital print model made possible by right sizing the press to your true volume.  The days of buying a $500k digital press to print 500K impressions and up per month are gone.  You now have a choice other than the “usual suspects.”

It is important to know how much the performance of digital printing equipment has improved in recent years.  In terms of color quality, substrate flexibility and high output, the Versafire CP is more than a match for an older technology press costing 2 or 3 times that of the Versafire.  Going head to head against today’s high end digital toner based presses, the Versafire CP will run more economically than higher priced, antiquated competitors.  Even 2 Versafire CPs are more economical and more compelling with redundancy and a lower cost of operation and acquisition.

It’s not just applications and the hope to get the volume any more. Along with the high cost of acquisition yesterday’s technology, additional costs need to be included and are often overlooked when doing the financial affordability analysis.  Additional expenses include the monthly base service fees, Rip maintenance fees, consumables not included in the click, waste sheets, waste toner disposal etc.  As you can imagine, these additional fees add up quickly and turn the press into a money eater instead of a money maker.  In some of our Versafire CP installs, where we displaced older technology, we were told by our customers that it previously would take 22-23 days of running the press for it to become profitable every month.  With new technology, it cuts this number of days in half or more.

When buying a digital press, look for one that that is based on the volume that you are running right now, not where you hope to be.  Pay for only what you print, not the extra fees like as described above the base maintenance fees and/or volume commitments.  Watch for the variable costs such as waste sheets to clean the press, click overages and software maintenance to name a few.  With today’s newer, more advanced technologies, this guessing game is eliminated if you choose the right vendor to partner with.

Printers can get the digital print quality, applications, stock range, productivity and reliability they want at a lower acquisition cost than what was available just a few years ago. That’s another way of saying that you now have a choice other than digital presses that are being sold to you for the volume that you hope to grow into.  There has never been a better time to look at the Heidelberg Versafire CP.

For further information, watch this video below:

Joe Vincola
Product Manager, Digital Press