According to a published report by Deloitte, Consumer Review – Made-to-Order Personalization, “As society becomes more affluent, the demand for personalized products and services will continue to increase as manufacturers seek to satisfy consumers.”

Research shows that the demand for personalization is there: 50% of consumers expressed interest in purchasing personalized products or services and half of those said they were willing to wait longer for a personalized product or service.  Another key element in the survey was the majority of the consumers were willing to pay 20-50% more for the end personalized product!

So, how do we foster the need for personalization on three-dimensional objects and deliver in the parameters that have become the norm in the industry? The increase in personalization and customization is on a rise and will continue to grow in the coming years. The question is, when do you jump in and become a pioneer to drive new business with higher margins?

Imagine printing directly onto the curved surfaces of three-dimensional objects in brilliant color. Now, as the fourth dimension, add personalization on demand. This is the ability to decorate each object in a one-of-a-kind way exactly as the end-user specifies.

Marketers know that consumers will pay a premium for objects decorated uniquely for them. Brands want to invest in displaying their customized imagery on as many objects as they can put into consumers’ hands. Until now, labels, decals, and tags were the only ways to bring visual appeal and brand identity to items with structures too complex for conventional printing methods to address.

Think of the possibilities that lie in bringing these 4D technologies together in a single device—an integrated system ready to go to work in production environments, retail settings, and any other location where the rising demand for personalized products is waiting to be met.

Our Omnifire 250 and the Omnifire 1000 devices make the dimensional barriers disappear. A combination of inkjet digital printing, robotics, and software makes every surface a printable substrate no matter how spherical, cylindrical, conical, or irregular its contours may be. The object goes in, a “must-have” keepsake comes out, and a new dimension of high-margin production for manufacturers is born.

The Omnfire is a versatile platform that allows you to change over within seconds: for instance, from a soccer ball to a cup is accomplished in matter of seconds. The personalization of products in less than two minutes depends on the size of the object.

Consumer-product applications include, to name just a handful, beverage containers, cups, candles, wine bottles, helmets, luggage, car parts, and rigid packaging—items once thought of as generic, but now ripe for personalization on demand. Sporting goods— soccer balls, baseballs, volleyballs, basketballs, golf balls, hockey sticks balls and helmets, for example—have enormous potential for individualized decoration on a fan-by-fan basis.

Businesses that don’t incorporate a portion of personalization in their product portfolio risk the chance of losing customers and revenue. Personalization will improve efficiency, enable late stage manufacturing and drive revenue with the opportunity for sustainable growth in the years to come!

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    Steven Calov
    Steven Calov
    Product Manager, 4D Printing Omnifire