The days of “hang and bang” are dwindling.  With new technologies available to printers, like LED (Low energy UV), and the assortment of custom presses, more and more printers need a reliable resource to help maximize their production.

At Heidelberg, we are finding that customers are often requesting we spend more time adjusting their consumables mix in order to maximize output and quality. Think of the difference between a good cook and a “master chef,” they both use similar ingredients, but you can have totally different results in the final dish. This is a lot like consumables on a press.  Just because you are using the same consumables doesn’t automatically mean your results will be the same between the two presses.  You have to take into account environment (cooking temperature), pressmen skill level (training a chef had) and quantity (amount of ingredients).

One consumable change anywhere on the press can cause issues elsewhere.  What solves one problem can cause three others.  Finding the right “mix” of inks, washes, fountain solutions, blankets, rollers and coating is vital to get the work done fast and correctly the first time, maximizing your profit.  How do you get your press to run at maximum speeds while producing the best possible quality?

We wish it was as easy as 1-2-3 but it very seldom is. That’s where your contacts, associations, and vendors can help. Please reach out and use the resources available to you!

Media Contact:

Rebecca Melville
PR and Marketing Specialist