The terms “paradigm shift” and “game changer” are overused, but when a truly groundbreaking advance comes along, like Heidelberg’s “Push to Stop,” no other descriptions will do. This concept takes print manufacturing to a level of productivity that was impossible to achieve before.

A Speedmaster press operating in Push to Stop mode is autonomous, which means it takes all job parameters into account, presets all functions of the press, initiates the run, adjusts registration, color, and even starts the good sheet counter while inserting a tab into the pile – all while continuing to print unless the operator steps in to interrupt. Jobs are autonomously changed over without operator intervention. Using Prinect as the key integration component that ties multiple production process together (i.e. your MIS, workflow, ink key data, substrates specs, and press setting together within the Press Center XL 2 console or more specifically, the Intellistart 2 program) Push to Stop  executes the fastest changeover sequence possible. With manufacturing this close to seamless, job throughput is dramatically improved.

Push to Stop redefines what can be expected of a press and levels of production output across each shift by automating the makeready process — eliminating delays, operator mistakes, and other barriers to full production efficiency.

An 18,000-sheets-per-hour Speedmaster XL 106 chalks up a theoretical overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) rating of 100% by running 24/7/365 at top speed, producing a total 158 million sheets. In real life, no press ever hits 100% OEE, but even presses with the most skilled operators seldom exceed 50% or 60% OEE. The norm is about 25-30% OEE—a sure sign that throughout the industry, presses are being underutilized, and profits are being missed.

With Push to Stop, doubling OEE isn’t merely theoretical—it’s fully achievable. The press doesn’t need to wait for anyone to fine-tune it or tell it when to go into operation, because it can generate and carry out those instructions on its own. The operator has a continuous global view of the process and can override the press at any time. But with Push to Stop, those interventions are designed to be few and far between.

What makes it all possible is Intellistart, an automated job changeover solution that Heidelberg first introduced in 2008. The newest version, Intellistart 2, functions like an automobile navigation system as it maps a makeready route, embarks the press upon it, and keeps the operator posted about where the process is headed next. The Wallscreen XL display animates everything that is happening with readouts like Intelliguide, a moving green bar that tracks makeready progress, along with the countdown in time to complete process.

Push to Stop is a feature of Speedmaster XL 75, CX/SX 102, XL 106, and XL 145/162 press platforms equipped with the Prinect Press Center XL 2 console, the Wallscreen XL, the AutoPlate Pro or AutoPlate XL 2 plate changing system, and the Prinect Inpress Control 2 inspection system.

The Push to Stop concept takes press performance to a completely new level of integration. It standardizes the variables that are the main causes of underperforming OEE. It takes operators out of the machine-tweaking routine and gives them significant new roles as pressroom quality monitors.

Thinking of a button chiefly as something that an operator uses to stop a press may seem a bit counterintuitive at first, but that is the nature of breakthrough concepts like Push to Stop. Heidelberg customers who embrace it will find that’s where peak performance lives.

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