This article was originally posted on the Industrial Print Blog. Frazer Chesterman (InPrint) recently interviewed Frank Janssen (Heidelberg) about the upcoming InPrint USA (April 25-27th), and discussed the US showcase of the revolutionary 4D technology — the Heidelberg Omnifire 250.

Tell us a little more about the technology that you will have at the InPrint show in Orlando?

‘We are bringing the 4D technology with the Omnifire 250, which is a digital solution to decorate three-dimensional objects. 4D printing with Omnifire – combines advanced Inkjet technology with high-precision robotics. The modular system of the Omnifire model range ensures a high level of flexibility for different objects, surfaces and applications – customized to your needs and requirements. This facilitates printing onto a wide range of 3D objects such as footballs, drinking bottles or cell phone sleeves.

We are really excited to be showing the technology in the US, as we are convinced that there will be a lots of interest. It is a technology that really allows the user to think creatively about possible applications.

Why are you so excited about the US launch of the Omnifre technology?

When you consider the US market, we think of a truly pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. The US is already in front when it comes to online shopping, e-commerce, integrated technology and the demand for customised and personalised ‘made for me’ products. The Omnifire as a tool really fits this thinking!

We are excited by the opportunities in the US, but we know from our experience in Europe that the customer base is quite diverse. It could be used in many different environments with lots of different applications – for example a Theme park, a Museum, a Brewery, an Airport or a Sports arena. We are confident that the sports market in the US is a huge opportunity. We think that the ability to run special edition designs, customised around teams, players and even individual expressions coming from the consumer themselves is tremendous. This has an application which you can see will create a brand new market. 

We hope to see lots of interested customers on our booth in Orlando.

What was the reaction to the technology , when you launched this at the InPrint show Europe?

The Omnifire 250 which was launched at InPrint  in Munich really captured the attention of visitors. The booth was packed with people during the three days. InPrint plays an important role in helping us access new markets as the technology is designed to drive new business models in a more and more digitized world and therefore create additional value with new applications for new markets.

Since the launch of the Omnifire we have further evolved the product along our customer’s needs. So, the machine we will show in Orlando has a particular focus on delivering improved ROI on production.

The markets for Omnifire are quite diverse which is why InPrint provides us with an excellent platform to engage with different target groups. Customers really like the speed, quality and the cost efficiency.

The results are excellent. The range of applications is wide we can print onto a very wide variety of surfaces. You will see these with our examples in Orlando. When you join us on the booth, you see the quality and understand how fascinating this new technology is.

You are clearly looking to build your customer base in the US, how do you plan to make it easy for US businesses to get a ‘piece of the action’?

We want to be really flexible about the way that we develop our business in the US. We understand that investment in a new technology is a risk, and so we are offering to work in partnership with companies who are interested in the Omnifire 250, particularly where they plan to develop new and innovative business models. We love the idea that people will think ‘outside of the box’ with our technology. We know it can effectively decorate  3 dimensional objects on virtualanything from Crash Helmets to Candles, so we know the ‘sky is the limit’, when it comes to the possible uses. 

We certainly see our customers as partners and we seek to help them grow and develop their business. The Omnifire 250 gives anyone the chance drive business in successful new directions.

The Heidelberg Omnifire 250 will be showcased on Booth #1301 next to the entrance to InPrint USA. Frank will also be speaking about in the Global Inkjet Conference on Thursday 27th April at 11.00 am – join him by registering at :